A lockdown 2020 love story! Part 1!

All over social media I see negative stuff about lockdown 2020, everyone wishing the year away. Saying they want to draw a line under it. For many I can only imagine the struggles they’ve gone through from losing their jobs, to marriage/relationship breakdowns. Going for months without seeing their family or their children. Not to mention all of the sad losses of life. But for me it hasn’t been a negative experience at all! This is going to take a lot of writing so I will do it in a part 1 and part 2.

The beginning

At the start of lockdown 2020 I’d just started mixing with people more. Thursday nights were pool nights, there were bowling trips and walks up the Wrekin. It was at one of the pool nights I first met Mark. For quite a while before this night he had been trying to message me with very little response. Valentines Day I received a message wishing me a happy valentines. My birthday, I’d received a message asking if he could take me for a drink to make up for my rubbish day. I politely declined because I had the kids.

I knew a little bit about him but not very much

Whilst I knew him through a Facebook group where we had lots of interaction and banter. I really didn’t know much about him. On the first night I went to join my friends at pool I spotted Mark stood at the bar. As we had spoken on the group itself quite a lot, I’d decided to go and give him a hug and say hi. I’m not going to lie to you, I’d already stalked his Facebook and he profile picture at the time wasn’t the most flattering. Seeing him in real life I was quite shocked!

Missed opportunity

The night passed by and we didn’t really get a chance to speak. I was goofing around with the people I already knew and Mark had stayed near the quieter people. Getting home I couldn’t help but feel a little deflated we hadn’t had much of a chance to talk. Plucking up a little courage I sent him a little message on Facebook saying it was a shame we hadn’t had a chance to talk. He read it and ignored it! Being my cheeky self I’d sent another saying I can’t believe you’ve left me on read. Again! It was read with no response so I kind of sighed shrugged my shoulders and fired off one last messaged. It was saying I was sorry for bothering him. Then he actually answered saying he thought I’d sent the message to the wrong person

He bought a ticket!

After that we had started messaging every day, just general chatter and nothing overly exciting. My friend Anna and I were off to watch N-Trance at the local bingo hall the following Friday and I’d made it an open invite if anyone wanted to join us. Nobody responded ( Even after me practically begging a couple of friends to join us – Mark included)

Anna and I ready to hit the town

Off we went to the night out, I’d even gone to the effort of curling my hair and wearing make-up , if you know me then you’ll know that not me in the slightest! Around 10ish Mark sent me a message saying he was on his way. I knew he was out with some other friends of ours so assumed he meant all of them but he appeared on his own. I’m not gonna lie I was glad he turned up. Buying that ticket would then go on to change EVERYTHING!

A heart to heart

N-trance finished and I’d tried to convince Anna to join me in a local late bar, she wasn’t overly keen but Mark said he would come with me. After grabbing a drink we headed outside where we stood and chatted for literally hours. Now this is where you all think awww they fell in love and lived happily ever after. The truth is that wasn’t the case at all. Chatting about our pasts, parents, children and where we saw ourselves in the future. Both of us concluded that we were happy leading a single life and making new friends. Each of us having quite a lot going on in our personal lives and wanting to sort them before meeting anybody at all.

I caught a bug!

The Sunday afternoon , chatting away to Mark through messenger he reiterated the fact he was staying single and I agreed. Now this is where I let you into a little secret, from that Friday night in the outside of the bar. I couldn’t stop thinking about him!

There was something about his eyes and the way they lit up when he was talking about things he was passionate about, such as his dad, his kids or cycling. Completely in denial over what was blatantly in front of our faces we carried on chatting as normal.

Monday I woke up and started being sick. Without thinking I’d written on the group that I wasn’t feeling well, Mark quickly offered to get me anything if I needed it. Whilst in my bedroom there was a knock on the door and in front of me was the biggest most beautiful bunch of flowers I’d ever seen.

Where they came from I had no clue till it was pointed out to me there was a card. Written on it was the words ” Hope the flowers make you feel better, Looking forward to spending time with you From Mark x”

To be continued ……..

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