92% in a History Exam! 

I promised when I started this blog that I would be sharing the highs and the lows and today is a massive high! I want to celebrate my daughters exam result.

When it comes to the kids education I try my best to make sure that they don’t make the same mistakes I make, and I drill into them that no matter what hurdles they come across if they keep their heads down. it will all be worthwhile and they will be successful in the long run.

The Bullying

You see the reason I do this is because I was horrifically bullied at school and as a result spent a lot of time at home because I just didn’t want to face walking into school and having to put up with the things that were being thrown my way, as a result of this my grades weren’t great despite being more than capable of achieving big things , in fact I was predicted all A’s and B’s in my GCSE’s yet just about scraped by with D’s. This is something I really regret now as I am aware I am intelligent and able to do better things but these results have massively held me back.

So today’s post is in celebration not of my hard work but my eldest daughter Ellie-Jayne’s. All week this week my elder 2 have been taking part in an exam week at school and today Ellie came bursting through the door all excited.

Proud mummy moment

The principal walked into one of her exams and asked for her, he then presented her with a badge that says “I got over 90% in my exam” , These badges have so far only been given out to 4 children in the whole school so from year 7-13. She got a massive 92% on her history exam.

I am so incredibly proud of her because she only started the school at the end of January and hadn’t even been there for most of the lessons they were being tested on , not only that when she first started the new school she had a rocky start where she dealt with a small amount of bullying.

I am so glad that we teach them to ignore the bullies and make something of themselves. My biggest princess is going to go far and I couldn’t be more proud of her and what she is achieving 🙂

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