2 hospital visits in 3 days, they say it comes in threes …

You know the saying it comes in three’s? Well I’m currently sat here anxiously awaiting the third as in the last few days we have had not one but two emergency visits to the hospital for 2 of the children.

The first visit

On Saturday I had decided to have a spring clean day, the house had been a little bit neglected last week as I was just so busy driving backwards and forwards getting all the kids to school and helping my dad getting to work and back that the hours seemed to just roll into each other and before I knew it, it was time to climb back into bed. So the only thing for it was to make the weekend all about spring cleaning the house.

I took some painkillers ( I’ve been suffering quite badly with my head recently) and gather the bleach, bin bags , popped some music on and headed upstairs, leaving the kids downstairs with Gareth. Singing away with my head stuck in the bath bleaching it I suddenly heard Gareth shout up the stairs for me.

I ran downstairs to find him holding Bethie with blood on her face. He explained that she had stood on a toy and slipped straight onto the corner of one of the kitchen chairs. Our kitchen chairs are padded! So how she managed it I don’t know but she had cut right above her eye on her eyebrow. You could see it was quite a deep cut so a plaster wasn’t going to do the job.

Queue running upstairs to whack on a bra and some clothes and heading out of the door to a&e. This was where I realised how much we still need our local a&e. It is currently under threat of being closed. We have already lost our local drop in centres which has had a massive effect and created an even bigger strain on our local a&e.

I can only describe A&E as crazy busy

We stepped through the doors and the waiting room was extremely busy, there were barely any chairs free at all.  I was quite patient. Bethie was happy to wait and getting a lot of attention from others that were waiting so we didn’t mind the wait. That was until I overheard some of the reasons that people were there. One of those being an earache!

If the drop-in centre was still open then that person would have been able to go there leaving the a&e department to be used for what it is meant for, in fact we could have gone to the drop in centre also. Anyway less of me ranting. After waiting for an hour and half ( which is an extremely long time with a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old who are hard to keep occupied when the nurses won’t allow you to wait in the children’s area) we finally managed to get to see the triage nurse who took a look and said that she needed to be seen.

Another 4 hours passed and just as I was about to give up and attempt to fix it myself at home. ( by this time we had completely missed lunch time, both of the little ones were fed up, hungry and tired. We had even gone to the nurses station with Bethie’s face covered in blood where they handed us a DRY piece of padding bigger than her head and said clean it up yourselves and we have no idea how long you will be waited. Meanwhile Mr earache guy had been seen and gone home *grumble*) The nurse came and called our names to go through


After being checked over the nurse cleaned Bethies eye, as soon as it was cleaned it opened up into a much bigger and deeper cut than we had realised that it was. In that moment I realised it was a good job we hadn’t taken her home and had stayed. It was decided that she would have it glued but because of where it was they were concerned about it touching her eye. So myself, Gareth and the nurse had to physically pin her down whilst it was glued, It was horrible, Unfortunately the first time hadn’t quite worked so I had to pick Bethie up, comfort her and then we had to do the whole thing again. She is now all fixed. There will be some scarring but it should fade quite nicely. She’s happy and absolutely fine. However we have to treat her like china for a few days as if she knocks the glue off we will have to take her back.

Hospital trip number 2

Yesterday afternoon I was sat at my laptop working through my emails when my phone rang, immediately I knew it was the school so I answered and they explained that Ellie wasn’t feeling very well, she felt dizzy and sick ,could I go to collect her. I got to the school and she looked a little pale but nothing to be concerned about.

She got home climbed into bed and I just decided to let her sleep it off, carried on with my afternoon, went to collect Harry from school. When he came in he went upstairs to change out of his uniform then came running downstairs and said Ellie was lying in her bed crying in pain from her head.

When we went to check on her suddenly everything became quite serious. She had gone from coming in from school and a little pale to showing all the signs of meningitis. She was crying with pain from her head, had a stiff neck and couldn’t look at the light. There was no rash but you could feel the heat from her. I gave her paracetamol and ibuprofen then called the doctors who told me to take her straight there.

We were seen almost immediately by the doctor who told me that she could tell that Ellie had some form of virus but she couldn’t really tell where from. Her skin was red to look at and her temperature was high. Her heart rate was fast, we were to go to hospital.

As a mum it is hard not to panic but as Ellie is 12 I knew I had to stay as calm as possible for her sake as well as my own. I got her in the car, nipped home for her clothes and we headed off to hospital. After a few hours and many tests the doctors found that Ellie actually had a severe case of tonsilitis. She also had a trace of protein and ketones in her urine.

She is still a very poorly bunny but I can’t tell you the relief I felt when they said it was just tonsilitis rather than anything more serious. For them few hours yesterday despite my calmer exterior I was very much panicking inside.

We are now waiting for the third!

The saying is that is comes in three’s so we are now anxiously waiting for the third hospital visit … for now I think my stress levels are quite high , I’m on watch to make sure that Ellie doesn’t get any worse because I’ve been told that if she worsens or develops a rash she is to go straight back to hospital and I’ve also got eyes like a hawk in case Bethie knocks her head as well as looking out for the third incident ….

Please send Chocolate and a good book ……..



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