Konditor & Cook – Festive Treats – Review

Christmas is fast approaching and there is nothing more that I love more than receiving festive treats through the post. I was super excited when I opened my parcel to reveal a posh box of treats from Konditor & Cook. Continue reading “Konditor & Cook – Festive Treats – Review”

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Toddler Tantrums to Teen Tantrums

When we hear the word tantrum we always think of toddlers. 2 and 3 year olds being grumpy over the slightest things. I am not joking when I say some of the reasons there have been tantrums in my house are just…. Well you sit back and wonder if you’re actually going in sane

Top 5 Toddler Tantrums

Picture of Bethie and Freddie sitting on a fire engine with fire helmets on

I thought I would enlighten you all on what I consider the top 5 tantrums I’ve experienced with my kids. I will work from number 5 down to number 1 which I consider the ultimate tantrum so far.

5. Bethie kicked off because she wanted to watch Ryans Toy Review. What was on the TV? Ryan’s Toy Review like she had asked. She even chose the episode but no, that Ryan wasn’t good enough she wanted a different one.

4. Harry was the most devastated boy on the earth when I gave birth to Annabelle. He did not want a baby sister and my god did I know it!

3. Ellie wanted to leave home. At the ripe old age of 3 she packed a bag and waved me goodbye on the doorstep. Why? I genuinely can’t remember but Ellie used to kick off about the world so it was probably something as simple as not having the right spread on her toast. ( she even made me do her hair before she left) She only got to the end of the path before running back saying I’m sorry mummy I love you.

2. Annabelle was sent to her room and her tantrum was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. Annabelle doesn’t know when to stop and argues back ( not sure where she gets that from ) On this particular occasion she was sent to her room. All we heard from down the stairs was her asking the cat to help her. It was hard not to giggle as we heard “Mimi help me”

  1. My number one favourite tantrum from my kids so far was when Harry was about 1 and a half and Ellie was pretty much a newborn. Ellie had been a little whiney all day and I just heard ” Mummy she is doing my head in” Queue massive tantrum about his sister. Unbelievably that was also his first full sentence.

I’d like to tell you it gets better

But I just can’t! You get past the tantrums from toddlers into a lovely middle phase that I like to call the calm before the storm. Usually between the ages of say 6 and 10. This is where you think you’ve cracked the parenting thing. They’ve started to listen to you. Behave well in general. You can take them anywhere with very minimal fuss.

They like to lull you into a false sense of security. You have amazing incredible bonding moments where they are even able to sit down and enjoy a whole film with you. Help you around the house and become what can only be described as angels. DO NOT BELIEVE IT

Pre-teen and Teen Tantrums begin

Just when you think you’ve got it all cracked and you may actually be doing an alright job as a parent they have yet another trick up their sleeves. They become preteens and teenagers.

With this new-found status comes many things including hormones, smelly pits , acne and dramas but worse than that you get Teen tantrums!

Top 5 Teen Tantrums

Now you wouldn’t think the tantrums would continue once they hit an age where they pretty much fully understand the world. They know their own minds and can listen to instructions but you would be very much mistaken. Here are my top 5 Teenage tantrums.

5. I would not let Harry finish tidying his room. Now I know what you’re thinking. What teenager does their room but Harry isn’t a typical teenager and has a thing about tidying up. His brother was going to bed so he was asked to leave the rest till the morning. You would swear I’d taken his last sweet off him.

4. Telling Ellie she had to walk to school. Now I need you to understand the school is literally a 5-10 minute walk from my house. If I drop her off and pick her up I’m stuck in a sea of traffic and the whole experience takes around 30 minutes to complete. When I suggested walking you would think I had asked her to chop off her left arm. ( I don’t know why I said left I just did lol )

3. Now when you pass the toddler phase you would think the arguments over sweets would stop but this isn’t true. In fact tonight Ellie sulked because Harry had a lollipop and she wanted it. Queue arguing over a lollipop! Yes a lollipop aged 14 and 13 my kids are throwing strops over a sweetie!

2. Now this one I’m sure others could relate to. It’s a school morning. You’ve asked 15 times if they have everything ready. Done their homework etc and then you get in the car for one of them to realise that they haven’t done it. Of course naturally this is all your fault and absolutely nothing to do with the fact they spent the whole night chatting to friends or watching YouTube videos.

  1. This tantrum is by far the best tantrum I’ve witness in a teenager yet. Ellie discovered she likes boys! In particular this boy also liked her. Now unlike most teenagers who just get excited over the fact. Ellie had a full-blown meltdown because she liked a boy who also liked her. I’m not joking when I say there were tears and everything!


In conclusion this post is literally to prewarn you all that up until now the tantrums in our house are still very much here and that you really shouldn’t get fooled by the calm before the storm.

God help us when puberty full hits. I think I may book myself a trip away until they’re 18 then return once it’s all over.

Parents of older kids/ young adults please tell me it gets easier.

I know this isn’t true I still tantrum now. One of my favourite sulks/ tantrums being because I didn’t get new pj’s for Christmas when I ALWAYS get new pj’s. It was that bad I then got bought new pj’s to stop me sulking… True Story!

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Homemade Slow Cooker Fudge – Recipe

I went through a phase last year of making homemade fudge. During this time I experimented with many different kinds and ways of making it so that it was to the liking and texture I like it.

Yesterday I put on Instastories that I was making some and popped up a picture of the smarties and kinder fudge that I had made. I was met with an overwhelming number of people asking for the recipe so here you go : Continue reading “Homemade Slow Cooker Fudge – Recipe”

Sous Chef – The Big Chilli Advent Calendar – Review

I am always on the look out for different kinds of advent calendars. As much as the traditional chocolate calendars are amazing it’s always nice to find something that is a little bit different and a chilli calendar is definitely different.

Not only that but a lot of advent calendars are focused on children counting down the days to Christmas, where in reality it’s probably me that gets most excited in my house so I was really excited when I was sent The Big Chilli Advent Calendar from Sous Chef Continue reading “Sous Chef – The Big Chilli Advent Calendar – Review”

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Why creating a parody video made me see myself differently

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  you will know that yesterday I launched a parody of George Ezra’s Shot gun. My version was called School Run. I very nearly didn’t upload it!  Continue reading “Why creating a parody video made me see myself differently”

The October Blog Tag

Every now and then as bloggers we have other fantastic bloggers who tag us in their posts to join in with something called a blog tag. A blog tag is where there are a series of questions that we have to answer and then tag other bloggers to find out more about each other. This week I was tagged in the October blog tag by the beautiful and very lovely Gee Gardner Continue reading “The October Blog Tag”

Ways to make your house feel like a home

From smart storage solutions to simple lighting ideas, here are a few suggestions as to how you can make your house feel more like a cozy and inviting home that you love and are proud of.

Whether you’re moving into student halls, renting your first house of flat, or have decided to re-vamp a new room in your home, it is so important to make that space feel like your home, somewhere you feel relaxed and safe. Don’t think that to make your house feel like a home you have to fill it with ‘stuff’ you can have a really cozy feeling home without it feeling cluttered!

Choose your palette wisely

No matter what colour the walls are in the room you’re looking to change, opting for furniture and soft furnishings in lighter tones of beige, stone or greys will instantly make the room feel more relaxed, homely and often brighter than opting for brighter, more harsh colours, but obviously this is also down to taste. If you find bright colours relaxing, then go for it!

Brown wooden centre table
Image source – https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-wooden-center-table-584399


Add furniture

You can add character to a room by choosing furniture and fabrics inspired by organic or raw materials, such as rattan and wood, to help add a natural, warming touch to your space. Wooden furniture will always make a room feel softer, even if it’s just a corner table or shelf.

Add layers and texture

Even the largest of rooms can feel like a cosy den if it’s been decorated correctly. Layer the room with soft textures – for example, add a thick, chunky knit blanket to a chair of sofa to add more depth and a super cozy feel, or perhaps a woven basket for your fire wood, or even a few extra large cushions to snuggle into on a cold winters night.

Display your favourite art

Putting up photos in a room will immediately add personality and character to any space. If you don’t ant to put anything on the walls, or maybe you cant because it’s a rented property, perhaps you could add a few photographs to your side table, mantelpiece or even use those command strips to let you hang art without having to drill into the walls.

Plants and flowers

Greenery always seems to transform a space to make it feel more homely and inviting. I don’t know if it’s the beautiful bouquets of flowers, the smell of them or just the fact that flowers are
generally pretty to look at, but simply by adding some fresh (of fake) flowers to your home will make it feel more cozy. You could even mix and match different vases for a thrown-together feel, or opt for simple jam jars for a budget-friendly, shabby chic style look.

Bookshelf and plant
Image source – https://www.pexels.com/photo/blur-bookcase-books-bookshelf-298660/


Use lighting

If you want to make your room feel warm and cosy, it’s best if your steer clear of blue-tinted or white lights as they will make the space feel colder, instead you should opt for warm white lighting that add a soft glow. Lighting sun as tea lights, candles or fairy lights will also create a relaxing and cozy feel to your room and are great for a budget friendly option.


To make your house feel more relaxing, try to keep it as clutter free and tidy as possible. The best way to do this is to have great storage solutions such as – stylish baskets, copper bins, baskets you can hide under the bed or wardrobe or you could even use your storage as a feature in the room, there are so many great storage options to suit everyone, but we have found the selection at Lionshome to be great…and very affordable too! What’s more, storage is reasonably easy to update when you want to switch it up a bit, or when you come to over house it’s all there, ready boxed up and good to go.

** This is a Collaborative Post

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