Ludlow Food Festival 2018 – Review

Recently I was offered tickets to Ludlow Food Festival 2018 however due to a change in my personal circumstances I was unable to go so instead I gave the tickets to my brother Paul¬† and my sister-in-law Emma. They took along my niece Alex and nephew Jack and had an amazing time. Here is not my review but their review of the festival. Continue reading “Ludlow Food Festival 2018 – Review”

I had a dream last night …..

If you know me personally you will know that my brain NEVER switches off. From the second that I wake till I’m trying to go to sleep I am constantly thinking. I still find it alien that people can just switch off/ meditate / think of nothing. As well as that it doesn’t even switch off when I’m asleep meaning that 99% of the time I dream ( no wonder I’m always shattered!) Continue reading “I had a dream last night …..”

Exhausted both physically and mentally

Tonight I write this with a much clearer head than I have had for a few days. This week has been one that has been very hard to swallow , where I have been called so many things, had so many hurtful comments made about me and where I have really struggled to see a way up. I am exhausted. Continue reading “Exhausted both physically and mentally”

An Awkward Teenagers gift guide

When it came to Ellie’s birthday trying to find out what she actually wanted was like getting blood from a stone. She really didn’t have any clue and had everything already. So I thought after many nights and dragging it out of her what she would like I would write this gift guide so that other mum’s didn’t have to struggle quite as much. Continue reading “An Awkward Teenagers gift guide”

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Struggling but coping …just and they say that benefits is the easy life!

I always said when I started my blog I would blog not only about the good times but the bad times too, so I thought that instead of painting the picture perfect idea of how our family are doing that I would be realistic. So I wanted to talk to you about the other side of being on benefits, the one nobody talks about or shows. Continue reading “Struggling but coping …just and they say that benefits is the easy life!”

Are our teens being over tested and overworking themselves?

Last night I went to Harry’s parents evening and whilst the majority of the comments were extremely positive, saying how well he is doing and how high he’s performing. Another comment kept arising from most of the teachers and that was how Harry is overworking himself and over doing things instead of just doing what is asked of him. Continue reading “Are our teens being over tested and overworking themselves?”

Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake – Review

As I’m sure most of you know on Monday my little princess, ok not so little princess turned 13! ( How am I the mother to 2 teens argh) When I was contacted by Bakerdays asking if I would like to try one of their letterbox cakes, I’m not going to lie I agreed more for curiosities sake than anything else. I mean really how on earth do you make a cake look nice and fit through the letterbox?¬† Continue reading “Bakerdays – Letterbox Cake – Review”

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