Parents evening – Proud Mummy Moment

Tonight was one of those love to hate Mummy moments, It was Ellie’s parents evening. Now the reason I say love to hate is because I love the fact that I get to go and speak to all of the teachers, find out how my children are progressing and get feedback on anything that I can do to help them. Continue reading “Parents evening – Proud Mummy Moment”

Make up – Should they wear it or not?

As part of our Topical Mums panel, this week the other part of the panel were discussing whether or not we should allow our children to wear make up. I wasn’t in this video but I found the discussion really interesting.

Mainly because this is an argument discussion, I have found myself and Gareth having many times particularly when it comes to Ellie my 12 year old.

As I was growing up my mum was never a massive make up wearer meaning that I was never really shown exactly how to put make up on properly. Don’t get me wrong she did show me the basics and gave me some idea of what to wear and where it should go but I see other people with amazing and perfect make up and watch in awe and honestly? I couldn’t tell you the difference between a contour and a foundation or why people would wear a tinted lip gloss instead of just wearing a lipstick.

For me I felt it was important to let my girls experiment with make up and learn the basics so that when they reach an age where they want to actually wear make up they were confident in what they are doing and don’t end up going out looking like coco the clown.

However Gareth was very much against her wearing any make up at all stating that she already looks older than she is and he didn’t want her to create any kind of negative attention from boys in particular. He is incredibly over protective of the girls despite being their step-dad. God help anyone whoever tries to get within 100 feet of them.

I stood my ground

And for Christmas and birthdays we would buy little gifts sets for her to use in the house or for very special occasions. She would spend hours and hours watching YouTube tutorials and now is in fact extremely good at applying make up. I sometimes even let her do my make up if I am going out somewhere and want to look nice. She knows far more about applying make up than I ever would.

Annabelle who is 8 has now got to the stage where she has started to ask for make up and after seeing how good Ellie learnt and how in fact that phase has now gone, she has learnt , is confident in applying it and knows what she is doing Gareth is far more relaxed when it comes to allowing Annabelle to experiment with it.

The other side of the argument

On the video Lauren brought up the fact that children are beautiful naturally and shouldn’t feel the need to cover themselves up with make up. They should be able to express themselves in other ways. Not only that but it could damage their skin and cause them further problems later in life.

So what do you think? Should they be allowed to experiment with make up or should it be an absolute no go?

For me I think it is harmless fun, they have to learn at some point, why not let them learn now, have pamper parties with their friends and just enjoy it?

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Trying to get back a sense of routine

I think that I am not alone when I say trying to get back into some sort of routine after the Christmas holidays can be a little bit of a task. Especially when you are not the most organised of people in the first place and I am not exaggerating when I say I really wish I was. Continue reading “Trying to get back a sense of routine”

Loving the new positive me!

It’s the new year and as most of you know if you follow my Facebook page , This year is all about a new and more positive me. I think I’m doing a pretty awesome job so far at staying positive and not letting things pile on top of me! Continue reading “Loving the new positive me!”

Easy ways to cut your fuel bills

Easy Ways to Cut Your Fuel Bills

For many families, keeping the bills paid is a bit of a headache. In the winter, the fact that you need to have the heating on makes things even harder. With this in mind, I thought I would save a few ways you can potentially use to keep your heating bill down. After a bit of research, here are the best ideas I have found.

Shop around for the best deal

Without a doubt, shopping around for the best deal is the most important step you can take. For those of you who heat your home using gas or electric, there are plenty of comparison websites you can use to find the best tariff for you. If your boiler uses heating oil the ´save even more´ section of the Super Saver Oil website contains guidance on getting the best deal.

Insulation is key

Insulating your home properly is the key to keeping your heating bills down. The latest studies show that the owners of an average three bedroom family home can save around £310 just by insulating their loft and walls. You can find out about the various kinds that are available, by reading this article. It also covers the subject of floor insulation.

Stop heating space you do not use much

If you have rooms you only use for storage, turn the radiators off. There is no point in heating spaces that you do not use. However, it is wise to periodically open the door and check that turning that turning the heat off completely is not leading to mould problems. If the room starts to smell musty, turn the heat on low for a few hours, once or twice a month.

For some families, a smart thermometer that can be controlled remotely may be a good investment. You can still set your heating to come on and turn off at certain times of the day. But, if you have to stay late at work you can remotely change the time your heating comes on to accommodate this fact. Being able to do this ensures that you do not waste money heating an empty house.

Sort out your draughts

Even if your home has been insulated you can still lose a significant amount of heat from the gaps between your windows, doors and walls. Therefore, every winter, it makes sense to go around your home sorting out any draughty spots. The materials you need to sort out most issues need not cost you a lot of money and you only need minimal DIY skills to do the work yourself. So, you will not have to worry about labor costs.

Once you have filled any gaps between your exterior doors, windows and walls you can move on to sorting out the draughts inside your home. This is particularly important if you do not heat certain rooms or your hallway. You do not want heat leaking from your living room into the corridor or hall.

Ensure the heat can move freely around the room

If you have large items of furniture located in front of your radiators, move them back a bit. This will ensure that you make the most of the heat that is available by ensuring it circulates rather than getting absorbed by a large sofa.

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Surviving the perils of the festive season

Surviving the perils of the festive season

The Christmas and New Year period is a time of highs and lows. We go into it with such high expectations, and although most of us succeed in bringing some of that Christmas magic that the TV tells us about into our homes, when things go wrong, they do so in big style.

Speaking of the TV, everyone’s favourite soaps, EastEnders and Coronation Street are seen as something of an exaggerated or intensified reflection on real life. And there you see it all distilled – families united in love, laughter, happiness, tears, divorce, murder and train crashes. And it all happens on Christmas day.

Of course, in your home or mine, the divorce and murders are muttered threats, and the train crash is of the metaphorical variety, but there is little doubt that many of us come out the other end of the holiday period needing a holiday. Here are some survival tips to keep you going.

1) A little space

Some disclosure, here, the phrase “me time,” is one that makes me cringe, but you definitely need a little space to yourself from time to time. I had a friend who went to a construction sign company and bought one of those free-standing DO NOT ENTER signs that she was able to carry around with her to block doors to the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and so on. It was done in fun, but I think it’s the best £20 or so she ever spent!

2) Share the joy

A phrase that I’m much more fond of is many hands make light work. When you are trying to get things done with the kids under your feet, you get grouchy, they get needy and it all ends in tears. Even the smallest ones can put those tiny hands to good use if you find them something interesting to do – and if it helps you to get the job done, that makes it a win / win! Mixing ingredients in the kitchen, looking up a “useful” recipe tutorial for you on YouTube or creating that perfect dance routine to show the grandparents when they turn up are all highly valuable tasks that they can take from your shoulders!

3) Prioritise

There’s lots going on, we all know that, but if you try to do everything, you will be exhausted, the kids will be over-stimulated and nobody will end up having a good time. Take a step back and think about what is really important. Saying “Sorry, we really won’t have time,” is not going to make you sound like a miserable person or a bad parent – after all, at this time of year, you’d quite understand if someone said that to you, right?

Rest, sleep and downtime are even more important over the Christmas and New Year period than at other times, so make a point of including them in the schedule – for the adults as well as the kids. Have a wonderful, and peaceful, holiday season.

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New Year , New Beginnings Make It A Good One

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well and not too hung over after the celebrations of the New Year. I spent my new year playing board games with Annabelle, Gareth and a rather smug Harry and Ellie who managed to win most of the games for the first time ever. Continue reading “New Year , New Beginnings Make It A Good One”