Bullying : Why? Really does it make you feel better destroying somebody else?

You may have seen the video I made recently regarding Harry and the fact that right now he is going through a really rough time. I wanted to write a post in the vain hope that it will stop anyone from treating others the way I have watched Harry be treated. I hope it will stop them destroying someone else’s confidence the way they have my amazing son! Continue reading “Bullying : Why? Really does it make you feel better destroying somebody else?”

Guilty Pleasures – The Ultimate Dessert Delivery Company Telford – Review

I noticed a competition on Facebook for a new delivery company called Guilty Pleasures, they were giving away some goodies. Let’s face it, despite me being constantly on a diet just like everyone else in the world I just love a good pud! .. so with that I entered and waited for the results.  I was super-duper mega excited when I discovered I had won!  Continue reading “Guilty Pleasures – The Ultimate Dessert Delivery Company Telford – Review”

What Does Your Favourite Disney Character Say About Who You Are?

You’re never too old to be a Disney fan. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Now that we’ve settled that, on to the important yet extremely difficult question – who is your favourite Disney character?

This is a question that some of us will struggle to answer while others will know straight away. If you need some help deciding, check out The World of Miss Mindy Disney Collection to find figurines of some of the most popular Disney characters.
When you’ve had some time to consider, read on for what your choice says about you. (And if you can’t decide, read on regardless!)


You love a bit of adventure. You have huge aspirations in life and want to escape the humdrum of everyday life to make it big in the world! Not only that, you’re a true romantic at heart. Oh, and your best friends turn to you for a fun night out.

Winnie the Pooh

The kindest and most caring friend is how your nearest and dearest would describe you. You’re loyal to the core, and a true optimist. The glass is always half full in your view! You’re empathic to those around you, and win people over with your childlike and selfless nature.


Peter Pan

Forever a child at heart, people flock to you for your fun and youthful spirit. You encourage others to just let go, have fun and not worry too much about ‘grown up affairs’

Elsa from Frozen

Though you can put up an icy front at times, you’re generous, loyal and loving at your core. You will also do anything to protect your loved ones, even if it means turning a little fierce.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

You’re likely to have a love of literature, and are the awesome combination of brave and brainy. You’re not afraid to be yourself, even if that means not fitting in with the crowd. When it comes to your family, you’ll do anything to keep them safe.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

You’re not afraid to dream seemingly impossible dreams. You might not necessarily feel like you belong where you are and you long to explore further lands.

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Hey, we had to throw a villainous character into the mix. And who better than the iconic Maleficent? If Maleficent is your fave, let’s just say you know how to make an entrance. You have a somewhat intimidating personality, and you may secretly care a lot about what people think of you.

Simba from The Lion King

You may be a little reckless and strong-willed at times, and you don’t love bowing down to authority. But you ultimately own up to your responsibilities and have all the qualities of a truly great leader!

From collectible figurines to the films themselves, there are so many wonderful ways to interact with and enjoy our favourite Disney characters. Let’s take the time to learn from them, too.

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Fun Christmas Games Everyone Can Play (Including Kids of All Ages!)

While the holidays are an exciting time of year, not every moment is full of festive activities. Indeed, some people even find that long hours spent at home during the holidays can actually grow quite boring after some time.
A fantastic way to liven up the holiday atmosphere is to prepare and play some fun Christmas games with your family and guests. No matter who is over, you can find the perfect game for your party. Continue reading “Fun Christmas Games Everyone Can Play (Including Kids of All Ages!)”

Our Unusual Advent Calendar!

So we all know that the tradition of advent calendars is that you open a window and inside it is usually a treat of some sort, more often than not it is a chocolate. Well today I was looking on Facebook and saw that one of my blogging friends Sophie from Soph-Obsessed had the most fantastic idea of doing random acts of kindness as an unusual kind of advent calendar. Continue reading “Our Unusual Advent Calendar!”

The Little Dessert Shop – Telford – Review

A few weeks ago my friends invited me out to eat cake! ( Seriously the Facebook invite was something like Cake and more Cake!)  I wasn’t going to refuse especially when they said we were off to try out the new Little Dessert Shop in townContinue reading “The Little Dessert Shop – Telford – Review”

Is karaoke the reason I’m so calm?

OK so here’s the deal, most of you know my life has been what can only be described as , well erm miserable lately. However I have remained very calm and strong throughout. I was sat thinking and wondering what could have made me take everything so well and I am genuinely wondering if it is karaoke!

  1. a form of entertainment, offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over pre-recorded backing tracks.

Continue reading “Is karaoke the reason I’m so calm?”

Choc Affair – Luxury Chocolate – Review & Gift idea


If you are like our family then you will be with us when we say we LOVE chocolate, dark, milk or white it’s all good to us,. When we had the opportunity to try new flavours of chocolate from Choc Affair we jumped at the chance, like children we waited for the mail man to deliver the parcel. Continue reading “Choc Affair – Luxury Chocolate – Review & Gift idea”

Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!

Christmas is fast approaching and many people turn into a bit of a flap over it. From finance to food, the pressure is definitely on to ensure that Christmas is magical and memorable and it can quite often feel like you are taking the brunt of all of it. I thought it would be quite nice if I gave you a few of my favourite bloggers and personal top tips for ensuring it goes smoothly. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!”

The Other Side of Mental Health – Being on the receiving end

You may have recently read my anonymous post about mental health and finding a light at the end of the tunnel. Well I can now tell you that this anonymous post was actually from Gareth. You see we have been hiding a massive secret… Continue reading “The Other Side of Mental Health – Being on the receiving end”