Potty training has started AGAIN!!!

Freddie turned 3 in July and STILL isn’t potty trained this is because of us moving home at the beginning of the year. Before we moved he was almost fully trained.  This time I’ve been a sneaky mummy and made him think it is completely his own idea.  We were talking about nappies and how nappies are for babies and big boys wear pants. He then had his nappy changed and I asked him if he wanted a new nappy or pants and he chose pants because he is a big boy!

Reward charts aren’t for us

We have previously tried reward charts for different situations including his behaviour and they work fantastic for a few days and then he gets fed up, bored with them and they no longer keep him engaged so this time I am going with the treat approach.

If he has a wee/poo then he can have a treat, thankfully he is a fruit bat and absolutely loves every fruit in the world so the idea of getting strawberries for a wee is very appealing to him.

Today is the first day and touch wood so far no accidents but I am sure that we will have it nailed before he goes back to nursery in September.

Have you potty trained? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share… below you will find my list of tips that I found useful when potty training my brood.

  1.  Don’t put on too much pressure, if they don’t want to do it then don’t force them they will all do it eventually, I’ve never met an 18-year-old in a nappy.
  2. You are not a bad parent if your child is almost 4 and not trained. All children are different and develop at different rates. Annabelle was trained VERY young as was Ellie but my boys took a little long, In fact Ellie was trained young then had a kind of relapse and wasn’t interested again until she was 3 and a half!
  3. Reward charts DO work for some children. I know some parents that have used a very successful chart where they get so many stars for a wee and so many for a poo and once they’ve collected 10 or 20 they get a toy from the shop and this has worked absolutely brilliantly for them.
  4.  Distract them. Some children hate the potty with a passion. Try reading them a book or singing nursery rhymes whilst they’re on the toilet to take their mind off it. Failing that go straight to the toilet ( 2 of mine went straight to the toilet and weren’t interested in the potty)
  5. Try not to emphasise so much when they have accidents, yes it can be frustrating but toddlers respond very well to praise, attention and excitement so if you make more of a big deal over the fact they’ve used the potty/toilet than you do when they have an accident they will learn the attention is there more when they do good.
  6.  Don’t waste your money on big expensive potty’s they use them for such a short time there really is no need, Not sure about you but my toilet doesn’t sing or dance or play me a tune when I wee 😉

Thank you for reading and good luck Freddie!!!

Relationships : If it’s meant to be then it will be

Some things are meant to be and some things just aren’t meant to be. When myself and Gareth decided to split recently we thought that it would make everyone happier. We were constantly falling out and it was causing tensions. We decided it would be best if we just called it a day to take the pressure off everyone. Despite knowing how much we cared for each other it just seemed like no matter how hard we tried it just wasn’t working out. 

When Gareth went back to his mums it gave us both space to think and decide what it is that we truly want. We began to open up to each other and learnt things that neither of us really knew before. We began to support each other better and communicate more.

Where are we at now?

We figured despite thinking we were miserable together we were a lot more miserable without each other and we really do love each other a great deal so we’ve agreed to try this one last time and to get it right this time! Gareth is back home exactly where he belongs and everyone is a great deal happier.

We both realise that we need to spend more time communicating with each other. One massive thing that has changed is we are spending time together, not only with each other but also with the kids. We have been swimming , on adventures, played family games and generally just had fun instead of just arguing and being miserable.

I hope one day we will be at the point where we are dancing in each others arms to our song ” I won’t give up ” and becoming husband and wife but until then we will just enjoy being an US instead of separated.


The Kids Take Over – Ellie-Jayne – Week 5

Each week I am handing over my blog to the kids to have their say and let you know whats going on with them. I have told them they can be completely honest and if I have annoyed them or if something has upset them then to just go for it and type how they feel. I figured this way you guys can get to know their personalities and more about who they are as each one of them is completely different.

Ellie week 5


Hey Guys!!
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This week has been super busy and we’ve done loads.

Well the first thing is that recently we have been going swimming. Annabelle at the beginning was so scared of the water to the point of screaming and just today she managed to walk around without holding onto anything. Also I wasn’t very good when we first started going and couldn’t swim but I managed to swim a whole width. My next aim is to do a length. Mum said if I manage it that she will treat me so I’ve got to try.

It was also Annabelle’s birthday this week and she got massively spoilt. I gave her a handmade art book out of my paper in my art book and made little tasks for her to do to help her. She really enjoyed completing it and playing with her toys.

Not long ago we went to our Uncle and Aunties house. We had so much fun and did so much including visiting a water park and the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. Which I found extremely interesting and educational. ( I’m a bit of a dweeb so love stuff like that)

I’ve had my phone taken off me until I clean my bedroom so I think tomorrow that is what I am going to spend my day doing although Mum has planned an afternoon of healthy drinks, Face masks and general pampering so I might just have to wait until Sunday 😉

That’s all from me for now

See ya





Jenkos Mongolian Restaurant – Food and Cocktails – Review

One of my friends noticed a post on Facebook that said one of our local restaurants were doing a deal on cocktails 2 – 4 – 1. None of us had been out in a very long time. In fact I personally hadn’t been out since March so a night out was overdue. It was only right that we decided to go test out the cocktails at Jenkos and whilst we were there have ourselves some food too.

Our experience

We walked into what looked like a tiny little bar where we were asked if we had booked a table. The lady directed us round the corner to another bar where we were taken to our seats. I can honestly say we all just went “WOW” The restaurant itself is set out in what looks like a huge log cabin. It’s all very cosy with twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling. For me this was VERY exciting, After all  I am Christmas obsessed and I love winter so this feeling of being in a cabin was very much up my street.

After being shown to our table we were asked if we would like to order drinks where we asked for a few more minutes as there were so many to choose from it would take us a little while to read through them all and decide. As it was 2-4-1 and there were 4 of us the sensible thing to do was to have 2 sets of 2 sharing the drinks. The only thing was that each set of 2- 4 – 1 had to be the same drink so you couldn’t mix and match. We didn’t mind so much as we had similar tastes but I feel if we were given the opportunity to choose ANY drink it would have given us all the chance to see what other drinks were like and may have encouraged us to buy more.

The Food

Originally we ummed and ahhed over whether or not to have the food as at £17.50 seemed quite a lot of money. We are all mummies on a rare night out and aren’t used to spending on ourselves so for us all it seemed a little bit steep, but as it was a rare night out we decided to treat ourselves and now I’ve been and sampled the food and the experience I would say in actual fact the price is far from expensive with what you get for the price.

So the way it works is you go up to the food area and pick up a metal bowl, They have an array of very fresh salad and vegetable items.  Once you have selected your vegetables you then move onto meat. There is a large selection of meat and you have the choices of plain or flavoured meats.



From there you head over to an array of spices and herbs. On the wall are some excellent combinations that you can try or if you’re feeling adventurous you can make your own up. It was lovely to see all the different spices and the way they were set out was really beautiful. I chose the fajita mix ( I’m a little bit of a wimp when it comes to trying new foods!) There were also different sauces, you could have anything from sweet and sour to plum sauce.  The advice was that for the best results you should choose 2 ladles.


Next was the interesting and exciting part, we moved along with our bowls of food where the chefs took them from us and placed them on a very large griddle pan, They had large pieces of wood that they used to moved the food around and cook it. You stand and watch the chefs as they cook all of your food with what can only be described as a mesmerizing skill. I have never cooked with a couple of pieces of wood before that’s for sure!

The next choice was whether you was going to have noodles, pasta or rice or even all 3!

All of the food was incredibly fresh, quite often when you go to all you can eat places the food is looking limp and like its been sat there for hours but you could clearly see just how fresh the food was.  Yes I did say ALL YOU CAN EAT! you can go up and make your selections as many times as you wish.

The cocktails

As I mentioned previously there was a very large selection of cocktails and throughout our nice we chose the Cherry Bakewell, Frozen Daiquiris , Sex on the Gobi and a screwball storm to try.

Cherry Bakewell

This cocktail quite surprisingly tasted EXACTLY like a cherry bakewell and was topped with lots of cream and a cherry. The only downside was there was a lot of cream but no way of actually getting it out of the glass, we were given the drinks with small straws like you get in a children’s cup drink so there was no way that I was going to be able to suck cream up through that. I was tempted to just put my finger in it but decided it was a little more of a sophisticated place than that.

Frozen daiquiri

There were a selection of flavours to choose from and we struggled to decide so left the decision up to the waitress She chose us the passionfruit flavour. It was very refreshing and I think this would be a perfect drink for a hot summers night. It was decorated with fresh fruit.

Sex on the Gobi

I ‘think’ this drink is very much the old classic sex on the beach. I didn’t try this one myself but my friends did and they said how it was lovely and they could have quite easily just drank lots of them and quickly!

Screwball Storm

This was my personal favourite , I had it at the end of my meal and found it was a perfect end to the night. I would quite happily sit and drink them all night long. I had to give my gumball to my friend Claire though as I have just had a tooth out and I wasn’t risking it! haha

Overall thoughts

My first impressions before I even entered the pub was my god that’s expensive but now I don’t feel that way at all, we paid approximately £30 per head and that was for the world’s supply of extremely fresh food and incredible cocktails. I will definitely be visiting again. The setting is perfect for both a night out with friends or for a romantic date night for two.

Every single one of us finished every last scrap of our food and we really enjoyed ourselves.If I was to have one criticism it would be that we waited quite a long time for drinks and we may have perhaps had more drinks if the wait wasn’t so long for them. We went up , selected our food, watched it be cooked and sat back down and our drinks were still not ready.

The restaurant itself is extremely clean and very welcoming, all of the staff were very friendly our waitress was lovely and despite calling her a couple of times she didn’t make us feel like we were intruding. She also made sure that we enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you Jenkos for amazing customer service and outstanding food and drinks.

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Frankie and Benny’s


My Dream House

When we are little, we sit there and dream up how our future will be. How many children we will have, who we will marry. What our wedding dress will be like and who will be bridesmaids. We also think about what kind of house we will be living in.

I was sat the other day thinking about if I was to ever win the lottery ( this is never going to happen I don’t play!) but if I did what kind of house would I want? Would it be in a big city surrounded by shops? A big country manor on a posh estate? A giant house on a busy street full of children and with my own pool? Maybe even one of those posh flats at the top of a high-rise building where everything is electrical and you only have to clap your hands to shut the blinds?

My Dream House

After quite a while thinking about it I came to the conclusion that as nice as all of those things would be my perfect and ideal house would be a little cottage. Set in a village with only a few neighbours. Like the kind of place you read about in a book. The shop would be quite a drive a way. In the front room would be beamed ceilings and an open fire with a big thick fluffy rug. The walls would be brick rather than modern , wallpapered or painted. My kitchen would have a big old Aga stove in it and pans hanging from hooks on the ceiling or wall. The back garden would have a swing set in for the kids and I would have a big tree house built for the children to play in and make memories. Maybe one of those old tyre swings where they can sit and day-dream.

I wouldn’t need anything majorly modern and I would spend my nights all cosy in the front room with the fire on under a blanket reading a book or watching TV. I might even treat myself to a little glass of wine as well.

It’s never going to happen

But just think how perfect that would be! Instead I will sit here, drink my coffee at my kitchen table in one of the most run down areas of my town but be very grateful. After all some people won’t be sitting in a house tonight. Some people aren’t that lucky.

Thank you for reading

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The Kids Take Over – Annabelle – Week 4

Each week I am handing over my blog to the kids to have their say and let you know whats going on with them. I have told them they can be completely honest and if I have annoyed them or if something has upset them then to just go for it and type how they feel. I figured this way you guys can get to know their personalities and more about who they are as each one of them is completely different.

Annabelle takes over week 4

So we’ve done a lot this week like go to our Uncle and Auntie’s house and been swimming I loved this week so much.

As I said we went to our Uncle and Auntie’s house and did lots of cool things there. We went to sir Isaac newton’s birthplace. We did experiments that Isaac newton did and one was really cool ,you had to look at a dot and close your left eye and the X by it would disappear when you moved the paper towards you. We also went to a park with a splash zone and got drenched by a big splash on one of the pieces of equipment.😅 The next day we went out to buy my birthday presents, I got £30 to buy them. I got lots of gifts and they’re all in the picture below.🤗

I got a lot of presents as I said, and I bet you guessed that the recorder made mom love me😉

Then me and Ellie made our own lip balms while the boys were doing their own kit. We made lip balms, smelly jellies and homemade perfumes. My lip balm smelt like blueberries and cherries and Ellie’s smelt like lavender and cherries. We made shower jellies (which is weird because Ellie’s nickname is jelly) and a room fragrance out of expanding crystals which was scented as lavender. The last night of it we watched minions, it was Ellie’s first time but i’d already watched it before. We had lots of sweets and cake while we were watching it. We left on the Tuesday. The day after we went swimming and had fun in the pool. This is the end of my weekly takeover this week

We went swimming as a family of 7 for the first time!

As there are so many of us simple things like swimming can be quite daunting especially when there are so many people to get changed and ready. Today however we decided to just go for it and myself and Gareth ( we’re getting closer to becoming a couple again 🙂 ) took all 5 children swimming.

You need to bear in mind that both Freddie and Bethie aren’t the world’s biggest fans of going in a bath so going swimming seemed like a massive task. Also Annabelle is petrified of the swimming pool although she reassured us she wasn’t scared anymore as she had been with the school.

Finding swimming nappies!

Oh well that was a task in itself, I decided it would benefit us all if we took a walk to the local Aldi to find some swimming nappies. The fresh air would do everyone good and it would get the kids off their phones etc for a short while. So off we trotted down the road, running down the street after Freddie and him giving us a heart attack several times running by the road … OK OK he was actually nowhere near the road but I’m overprotective!

Walking round Aldi we decide to pick up some popcorn ready for a movie or games when we get home from swimming and hunt for the swimming nappies, only they didn’t have any. They had wetsuits, pool shoes, even floats and swimming noodles but did they have swimming nappies?? NO!!!

I had to take the car back on Tuesday as it was hired so it means if we want to go anywhere we have to walk. There was no way we were gonna walk anywhere else with Freddie knowing that he still had to walk to the swimming pool later on so I decided to ring the local pool and ask if they sold Little swimmers and thank god they did! We very nearly had to tell an extremely excited 3-year-old he couldn’t go.

We arrived at the pool

and bought the little swimmers and some arm bands before going through to the changing rooms only for Gareth to announce he had forgotten his swimming stuff!

Queue panic stations there was no way I could take all 5 kids in by myself and Freddie already had his arm bands on ready to go in, if we changed our minds now it would have meant a serious toddler meltdown, there was only one thing for it Gareth would have to run all the way home to get his stuff.

Whilst he was gone I carried on getting everyone ready to go in the pool, the bigger children helped me get the little ones ready and then we sat and waited for Gareth to come back, it is at this point Harry finds Gareths swimming stuff in the very front of his bag! So Gareth has gone all the way back home for nothing and we are just sat waiting for him! Freddie wasn’t impressed that he was all ready and had to wait.

Finally we got into the pool

and I can honestly say every little bit of stress was worth it to see all the kids happily playing in the pool, splashing, laughing. Even the little 2 who are normally scared stiff of going in the bath were laughing and splashing around. Ellie finally got the hang of swimming almost completing her first width and Freddie was so confident that he was jumping off the side. Everyone had a great time apart from Annabelle who decided to scream the pool down because I dared to ask her to try to learn to swim. To everyone who may have been in the pool with us I apologise for my (almost 8-year-old) daughters squealing and I promise I wasn’t hurting her I was just trying to get her to let go of the side!

Despite Annabelle’s outburst we really enjoyed it and we regret not taking them sooner, we will definitely be going more often although maybe next time we should get a baby sitter for Annabelle 😉

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Thanks for reading



Feeling positive

This morning I have woken up feeling very positive. If you follow me and my blog then you will know the other day I was called fat twice and it really affected me, I just felt frustrated that I have been trying so hard to exercise and lose weight yet people don’t see that and just see fit to make others feel bad.

My babies are coming home today!!!

On Saturday evening my oldest 3 children went to stay at their Aunties and Uncles house. This is a huge thing because nobody ever has my children other than the very rare odd night here and there so for them to leave me for a whole 5 days is something that never usually happens. I am one of those mums that genuinely loves having my kids around. I love school holidays and don’t like it when they’re away from me.

They’ve coped really well with it and had a fantastic time exploring and doing different things, Harry has written about some of the things they’ve been up to in this weeks The Kids Take Over.

I’ve launched my second blog

Last night saw the launch of my new blog MOFM Health Kick, If you follow my Instagram you will know that I’ve really taken to trying to eat healthy and exercising and I thought that it would be more suitable to create a blog especially for my weight loss journey rather than clutter this one up with it, I mean let’s face it you’re probably here because you’re interesting in the kids and what they’re up to and general parenting babble than what I had for breakfast.

Gareth and I are getting on great

We are a long way off being the couple we wanted to be but we are making positive steps to building a better partnership. It is looking positive that we may actually have a future together after all and that this break is what we both needed to see how much we meant to each other. We aren’t completely back together but we are making positive steps in the right direction.

Our morning

Has been spent singing and playing instruments with the babies and generally enjoying the last couple of hours peace before our attention is again divided by 5. I have to go have a filling at 11:30 and then I’m off to the gym with my sister-in-law this afternoon.

The future is looking brighter, healthier and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Thanks for reading.


The kids take over – Harry – Week 4

Each week I am handing over my blog to the kids to have their say and let you know whats going on with them. I have told them they can be completely honest and if I have annoyed them or if something has upset them then to just go for it and type how they feel. I figured this way you guys can get to know their personalities and more about who they are as each one of them is completely different.

Harry takes over week 4


Away From Home – What it means to me


Hello everyone welcome to my blog take over. Today is Wednesday for you and I’m writing this throughout the week. So the main focus for this post is about staying away from home and what it means to me.

Ever since I was little I have hated staying away from home and this week I have decided to challenge myself. I have done this by going to My Uncle and Aunties House for 5 days. This is possibly the longest I have stayed away from my mum in 13 years. Well apart from when I was very small and I stayed at my nan’s house for 10 days.

I’m not gonna lie I’m having fun but I am also really missing my mum and family who are back home. I am here with my 2 sisters. Ellie and Annabelle. That means my mum, dad and younger siblings are still at home.

Like I mentioned earlier I hate staying away from home. I don’t mind being away from home in the day but its the night that gets me. I think it might be because I am used to hearing my mum talking downstairs or just knowing she’s near me at all times.


While I have been here we have done loads of cool things such as going to the Birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. Going to a water park and playing a 2 day game of Monopoly.


I know its only been a short post but it means quite a bit. See you guys next week on my blog takeover.



Hedrin Headlice Treatment – Review and Giveaway

As a parent of school age children I am more than aware that headlice is a thing. Despite many parents claiming their children have never had them it is extremely common. With children playing together so close and hugging each other they are very easily passed from person to person and Hedrin will be a name you’ve heard of.

Annabelle has always had an issue and I have lost count of the amount of times I have been into her school complaining about the fact that it’s been costing me a fortune to treat her to be met with the teachers saying sorry there is nothing they can do but send out a letter. Apparently in this day and age its cruel to point out a single child therefore they can only send out a general letter telling parents headlice are around.

Part of the issue of treating your kids is the cost and knowing which treatment works best for your child and trust me when I say there isn’t much I haven’t tried on my princess! You can imagine how thrilled I was to be asked to try out Hedrins products and to host a giveaway for them. Keep reading to discover how you can get your hands on a Hedrin Bundle.

What we thought?

I was sent the Hedrin Once Spray Gel, Hedrin Stubborn Egg Removal Kit and the Hendrin Spray & Go protection spray.

I had noticed Annabelle scratching and as it was the last day of term I figured it would be the perfect time to get her treated and clear for the holidays. First I applied the Hedrin Once Spray Gel and Left it on for the 15 minutes that it states. Immediately as it was getting to work I could see the headlice appearing at the top of her hair.

I personally find it a little tricky to completely wash out the treatment but luckily I had spoken to somebody who suggested using washing up liquid instead of shampoo as washing up liquid is designed to strip away grease. I applied the washing up liquid to the treated hair ( without wetting it first) and gave it a good rub in before rinsing, washing and conditioning her hair as normal, I then went through her hair with the comb that was provided.

Then I decided to try out the stubborn egg removal and I have to say where on earth has this product been all my life? I can hand on heart say that after years of trying everything from vinegar, conditioner, the worlds supply of treatments this product is by far the best I have ever tried. It creates a kind of coating on the hair meaning that when you put the comb through it helps pull the stubborn eggs off the strands of hair. It really does do what it says on the tin and I will be purchasing this more often.

I followed the whole routine with the spray & go treatment and it worked fantastic.

The Scientific Stuff

Hedrin’s efficacy is a result of its active ingredients, dimeticone (Hedrin 4% Lotion and Hedrin Once) and Activdiol (Hedrin Treat & Go and Protect & Go). All formulations are patented and have been shown to be effective at killing head lice in clinical trials and even work on lice that have developed a resistance to traditional pesticide treatments. Hedrin products are also free from solvents that can cause problems in some asthma suffers.

WIN your very own bundle

We have been lucky enough to be able to host this fantastic giveaway where you have the chance to win yourself not only Hedrin Once but also spray & go and the stubborn egg remover what an absolutely awesome giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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** I was given a Hedrin Bundle in exchange for an open and honest review. All thoughts about the product are my own.