We have a crawler and I’m not 100% happy with it!

I am a mother of many mixed emotions this evening. Why I hear you ask? Well the evening before my baby princess turns 10 months old she has decided to crawl! … She is now a full-blown crawler,  Across the living room crawling.  Not rolling, Not army shuffling, Not bum shuffling but actual hands and knees like a big girl!

Whilst I am extremely proud of her for finally mastering the art of crawling and I have joined in with the cheering, clapping and celebrating I am also tinged with sadness that my final baby has reached another milestone and is getting bigger. She’s becoming more independent and I am becoming a little more redundant. All too soon she will be walking, going to school etc. Time just goes far too quickly. I don’t want her to grow up.

She will be the last baby of my own that I will watch hitting milestones, gaining a personality and becoming her own person instead I will have to wait to be blessed with grandchildren to see it again. I am too young for this! I genuinely wasn’t expecting to feel that little bit of sadness in the pit of my stomach every 1`time that she hits a milestone but I can’t help but think she is growing way to fast for my liking.

As well as learning to crawl she is gaining a little personality of her own which mainly involves picking on her big brother, shouting, being a little diva and a madam. She is extremely spoilt and has a bit of a meany streak to her. I have watched her go out of her way to get across the room just to try to bite Freddie. She is very head strong already and this worries me a little. What on earth will she be like as a toddler… I can only imagine!



Why I will ALWAYS choose UK holidays over going abroad!

We all have our favourite kind of holidays, whether you prefer lying by a pool in the sun or walking along a beach. Heading to kids clubs or camping in the middle of nowhere there really is holidays out there for everyone. I will always choose the UK.

I’m scared!!!!

One of the main reasons that I will always holiday in the UK is because I am absolutely petrified of getting on a plane! I don’t even know what it is that I am scared of. I don’t have a fear of heights or claustrophobia so I really don’t know what it is. Once I spoke to someone who specialises in fears and they had quite a good theory that maybe it’s a fear of not being in control. Because I am not scared of helicopters or any other form of transport and I am literally just scared of planes. The theory is that in a bus, car, train and even a helicopter you have the person in charge of it in full view. The option is there if you want them to stop, you are able to ask. In a plane however you can’t see the pilot, there is no way of asking them to just stop in the middle of nowhere and for you to just get off it. So the person I spoke to thinks rather than it being the actual plane that I am scared of it is more the fact that I have no control over what happens as I am in it.

The heat!

I am not a fan of the sun, yes I know I’m weird who doesn’t like sun eh? But I don’t like to be too hot. If you’re hot there are only so many layers you can take off before it becomes uncomfortable in more ways than one, trust me nobody wants to see me naked! And even if I did strip down to nothing there isn’t an option to take anything else off so you still just sit there and boil. Alongside the actual heat itself people stink! , I don’t know what it is about the sun that makes people stop using soap but it really is disgusting. I walked into a shop when it was hot here last week and the overwhelming smell of body odour was vile. There really is no need. As well as being too hot & people forgetting what soap is for people tend to be really grumpy in the heat. I find everybody is really snappy because they are so hot and bothered.  At least when you are cold you can wrap up warmer and add layers , turn on a fire or the heating. You can’t turn off the sun.

Everything I need is right here in the uk

This is another big reason I prefer to holiday in the UK. I was bought up going to holiday parks, taking part in party dances, joining in kids clubs and going on fairground rides. Even if the weather was terrible outside there was always something to do and that is the kind of amazing memories I want my children to have. I want them to wake up and go to kids clubs with their favourite entertainers, eat weird dinner combinations in the caravan or chalet before heading off for more fun. Go to the evening entertainment where they learn dances and generally have great fun. Swim in the pools. I am a holiday park girl through and through after growing up going to them and then becoming an entertainer in one myself. I love them and I rarely go in the summer too! We love to go at the beginning or the end of the year where the weather isn’t too hot. 

The only problem is that now there are 7 of us it is becoming more and more difficult to find affordable places to go. I looked at taking all of my kids to Butlins  for a weekend but the price for all of us was way beyond our budget at over £700 just for Fri-Mon , We also find that a lot of places can’t accommodate for all of us meaning that if we wanted to stay in a hotel for example at the Premier Inn then we would have to book 2 rooms meaning double the cost.  I understand we had this many children and we chose to have a large family but with places designed for families you would think there would be more affordable options available. Due to the cost we don’t get to go every year or even sometimes every 2 years but when we can afford to go we always have a fantastic time. 

We love places such as Haven, Butlins , Premier Inn and Travelodge and I would choose any of them over going abroad I know what to expect and I know that my children will enjoy it as much as we will. 

When it comes to a break just for me and Gareth without the kids ( which has NEVER happened yet) we would love to stay in a lodge somewhere, peaceful, a nice log fire, cosy and beautiful ( we can dream right? )

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#MyWeeklyHug – Week 4

Welcome back to #MyWeeklyHug .

Last week we had a couple of people link up and I have chosen Bringing Up The Berneys and her picture of her little one cuddling her baby bump. It was VERY cute you can check it out over on her Instagram.

My hug this week is my Daddy and my eldest daughter We went away for the weekend as a last minute get away and I took this picture while we were chilling in the caravan for a while. I love the bond all of my kids have with their grandparents.

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#Bullieswontwin – Jen’s Story

Last week we heard Hannah’s story and how bullying has affected her, this week we have Jen from Just Average Jen telling us what she went through.


Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi I am Jen I’m a 36 year old mum of one. I am a full time mum and a blogger which is something I really enjoy doing. My blog started because so many people said I was inspirational and should share my story when I lost weight. I lost just over 10 stone by healthy eating alone. Now I blog about food, my new interest in running, products I love, things I do with my family and lots more, basically just my life and waffles online! My blog is called Just Average Jen because when I started my weight loss journey I just wanted to be average! I had spent years being the fat one, the poor one, the loud One, the shy one, the ugly one, the spotty one etc bit I never felt average and that’s all I wanted to be!

Can you remember when the bullying started for you? Where were you? What happened?

I first remember being picked on as such at primary school when i was 6 or 7 and called fat. I wasn’t fat and looking back at photos now I was most definitely average but the girl at school called me fat once and it stuck in my head and that was the reason she didn’t play with me. I guess it wasn’t bullying in the way some people experience but it did start me on the path of being bullied in other circumstances too because it made me feel like I deserved no better and didn’t deserve friends. I was wrong of course i deserved friends.

Can you remember how it made you feel at the time?

I felt worthless and like I didn’t have the right to have friends.

How has bullying affected you in your life and how you are as a person?

For a long time I was a victim to other bullying over the years including in adulthood until I realised that I could be who I want to be and changed the bits of my life I was not happy with ie my weight and accepted other bits I didn’t like but most of all I realised that people who have nothing nice to say are not worthy of my attention and their opinions do not matter to me.


If you could change anything about your experience what would it be? What would you do differently?


I would believe people when they told me that bullies are not worth your tears because they aren’t. There are plenty of people out there whonwill love you for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see them but when you find them you see the bullies aren’t worth it at all.

If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who is going through bullying now what would it be?


Concentrate on the happy parts of your life and the people that care for you and when the bullies see they are not upsetting you and are not stopping you being happy they will have failed.
Thank you Jen for sharing your story with us, if you would like to know more about Jen and her journey or her blog you can find her on the links below.


#MyWeeklyHug – Week 3 Open until 5:30pm GMT Thursday

I’m so sorry guys I have been massively busy this week with the launch of our new blog More Than Just Mummies where I have teamed up with the beautiful ladies from Pass the Prosecco Please, WeeOhana and One Hull of a Mum to bring a blog that shows that we are more than just mummies and we have thoughts and feelings too. Check it out!

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My hug this week is Myself, Gareth and Bethie. It has been extremely hot this week so we went out and got a paddling pool, then borrowed the right extender for our taps off the neighbour before letting the kids get in there and have fun. Beth is usually scared stiff of water, she hates Baths or getting wet at all but she absolutely adores the paddling pool.

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Big Boy Class already???

As some of you know the decision to put Freddie into nursery was not something I did eagerly. I was very much in the frame of mind that if I’m at home then why shouldn’t I look after him, he’s my child and my responsibility. Not only that but I believe the nursery places for 2 year olds should be available for working parents as I know what it’s like to have to pay out nursery fees and feeling like you’re working and missing out for nothing but to pay the bills. (sorry I’m babbling and going far from what I was intending on writing about!)

Anyway after much deliberation I decided it was in his best interests for him to go ( much to Daddies devastation) as his behaviour was becoming increasingly difficult and he wasn’t very good when it came to mixing with children his own age. The big uns are far older than Freddie and Beth is only a baby so Freddie has been very spoilt and when the others have been at school he has been pampered with love and kisses and everything that he wants. Ok what I’m trying to say in a polite way, my son turned into a spoilt brat. He needed to learn how to share, be with other children and how to play nicely. Not only that he is also very smart so needed that extra stimulation.

Big boy class already? but it’s not september!

Freddie has been doing incredibly well at nursery. They can’t believe that he had behaviour problems at home because he has been golden there. Everything they tried to teach him he already knew, such as boy and girl, empty and full, numbers, colours etc. We went to parents evening not long ago and they commented on how amazing his manners are. That’s one thing I can vouch for even when he’s stropping and shouting ‘stop it’ he adds a please on the end of it.

Last week we took him into nursery to be greeted at the door by one of the nursery staff saying pre-school for you today Freddie. I am not going to lie my heart sank. Now don’t get me wrong, I am pleased he has done so well they want him to go into the class early BUT I wasn’t prepared for it. I wasn’t expecting him to go into the big class until September. He’s only 2!

He absolutely loved it, he wasn’t sure when he first walked in and I thought he might get upset but he didn’t he thrived in there. When we went to pick him up we asked if this was going to be a permanent thing now and we were told no it was just a couple of taster sessions until he starts properly in September. He has been in the big class ever since! We drop him off to the small class and everyday when we go to pick him up he is back in the big class.  They said he is doing perfect, doesn’t struggle in there. Loves interacting and playing with his friends ( Freddie went to play group for over a year and rarely played with other kids) So he is more than ready.

Mummy on the other hand want to wrap her baby boy up in a towel with a hood on it and give him a bottle, sing him to sleep, wind him … you get the gist!

It turns out in Freddie’s case the decision to send him to nursery was the right one in the end.

Thanks for reading

#Bullieswontwin – Hannah’s Story

Last week we heard all about Victoria from Lylia Rose and her experiences of bullying. I am still completely in awe of everyone who is sharing their stories with me to help me spread the campaign and who are helping to stand up to the bullies!
This weeks story comes from the lovely Hannah from Mysouthbristolyard.

Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.
 I’m Hannah a mum of 2 and an admin  assistant.

 Can you remember when the bullying started for you? Where were you? What happened?

I was bullied from primary school on and off but it was secondary school year 7 when it became constant. It was due to having a speak problem and not have branded trainers. The girls were worse heckling me and threatening me. In the end I truanted from year 9 and stopped going to school all together by yr 11 and never doing a single exams.

Can you remember how it made you feel at the time?

 Absolutely crap, it felt like no one cared at the school, I didn’t have any siblings to stick with and I didn’t tell my mum as I didn’t like to worry her.  Back in the 90’s truancy was a lot easier than today but there’s more help out there now. I would hang out with mates, drinking and even took ecstasy.

How has bullying affected you in your life and how you are as a person?

I’m has built my character, I will do anything for anyone and kind to others but at the same time I can be hard emotionally and very stubborn. I would say that if it happened to me in my 20’s or now they wouldn’t get away with it.

althought I left school with nothing I did gain some qualifications in night college, stopped hanging around with losers, got a good job, settled down and had kids.
I have learned to be very quick at firing back remarks and standing up for myself but sometimes jump before I think.

If you could change anything about your experience what would it be? What would you do differently?

 Probably stand up for myself back then.

If you could give one piece of advice to somebody who is going through bullying now what would it be?

Speak out and fight back.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your story with me, It takes a lot to admit how things were and how you reacted to them especially when that involved taking drugs and going down a path that you maybe wouldn’t have otherwise taken.

You can find Hannah at

 Mysouthbristolyard on facebook

#Childseyeview – Linky

This week I am linking up with the beautiful Kerry from One Hull of a mum with her new linky called #childseyeview. The idea is that the kids take over our phones or cameras for the day then select their favourite picture. I love the fact that the kids get to take over in this.

This week we gave Freddie (2) Gareth’s phone and let him loose and he took some picture, this picture is of Bethie’s big bear that Freddie took all by himself. The big bear has become a member of the family since Bethie was very poorly not long ago and it was bought for her by a friend of ours called Tracy who also bought me a gift too as she knew how tough it all was. Which was lovely of her. .  Well done Freddie!

Isn’t it crazy looking at the world through their eyes,  some of the other pictures were fantastic too. It didn’t matter if they were blurred or not quite right because he had taken them all by himself like a big boy !


Fathers Day

If you’re in the UK you will be aware that today is Fathers Day, it’s a chance for us to celebrate all of the daddies out there and show them that we appreciate them. I wrote a post not too long ago about how dads need more appreciation so today really is just a day for exactly that.

So Firstly I would like to say a special Happy Fathers Day to the most incredible Dad in the world. And despite Gareth being an awesome Dad I don’t mean him. I mean my Daddy. I genuinely got very lucky the day he chose to be part of my life. I am without a shadow of a doubt the biggest Daddies Girl in the world. I don’t get Daddies credit card or anything like that ( Although I’m pretty sure if he was able to he would give it to me)

But he is ALWAYS there for me when I need him, no matter what time it is early morning or late at night I know my Dad is just a call away. The amount of times that he has got me out of pickles , or saved me is incredible. He still fusses now even though I’m 35. Take today for example, he asked me if I was wearing Sun cream and telling me to drink plenty of water. It’s the little things like this that make me know that he is there unconditionally.

The second person is my other half and Daddy to my babies. Gareth. Gareth walked into our lives 5 years ago and didn’t even want children. Today he is the Daddy to not one, not two but 5 yes 5 children. 3 of which he has taken on as his own and would do anything for. I have no shame in saying that every single one of those children come before me and are top of his priority list. Their happiness is his main aim and if they’re happy then so is he.

It’s crazy to think that when we met Annabelle was only the age Freddie is now and he has watched her grow into the beautiful little girl she is now. He has watched Harry and Ellie grow from children to preteens and teens and now is watching his own babies grow. It has all gone so fast but one thing I do know is that I couldn’t have chosen anybody better to be there for my children, to guide them and support them. To help to teach them right from wrong. We all adore him and the special bond he has with each of the children is unique to them and it’s lovely to watch those bonds grow.


Apley Arms – Toby Carvery – Breakfast – Restaurant review

Today whilst doing some shopping Gareth and I decided to grab some breakfast. As it was 10:30 we called ahead to check if it was still OK to go and get breakfast, to which we were told it was fine as they were serving until 11Am.  Continue reading “Apley Arms – Toby Carvery – Breakfast – Restaurant review”