My Sunday Photo – 21/05

This weeks Sunday photo is again of my baby Beth. Last week when I wrote that she had gotten better and that was the reason I chose that photo. This week it is a photo to show how quickly she got poorly again.

She had suspected sepsis and spent most of last week very poorly. Shes back home again now but it was a very scary few days. If you haven’t already please read my post about knowing the signs of sepsis. We were very lucky that it turned out to be a very nasty infection rather than sepsis but if we had known the signs we would have gotten her checked even quicker. Continue reading “My Sunday Photo – 21/05”

Do you know the signs for sepsis?

Have you noticed all of the posters and things around at the moment about Sepsis? I’m guessing you have because they have been literally everywhere lately. I have seen them, now did you actually read them and take note about what they said and what to look out for? No, me either. Well this post is to say PLEASE take note and if you feel like something isn’t right then it probably isn’t. Continue reading “Do you know the signs for sepsis?”

Why I’m proud of my tiger stripes

All over the internet I am constantly reading about how women want to find quick ways to hide their stretch marks. Or want a special oil to rub into their bumps whilst their pregnant to try to hide their stretch marks. I wonder why they can’t just be proud of their tiger stripes? Continue reading “Why I’m proud of my tiger stripes”

Trying to be a couple instead of just parents.

I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only ones but sometimes trying to be a couple as well as parenting can be very difficult. Even more so now the children are older with Harry being 13 and Ellie being 12 it isn’t like we can send them to bed at 7 pm anymore and enjoy the rest of our night. In fact by the time they have gone to bed it’s time for Gareth to start venturing to bed as he likes to be tucked up quite early in case the babies wake up with the sun! Continue reading “Trying to be a couple instead of just parents.”

#Bullieswontwin – Sophie’s Story

Last week we all read Renee’s story all about her amazing daughter who has suffered bullying, if you missed it check it out.
This week our story comes from the incredible Sophie Mei Lan from Mama Mei . Please share your support for our campaign by sharing the stories with your friends, family and anywhere at all that you think will help up to spread the word or this picture of Annabelle using the hashtag #Bullieswontwin Continue reading “#Bullieswontwin – Sophie’s Story”

10 for 10 Blogger award

So I really enjoy filling out these Blogger Awards although one day I hope that I get to tell a story of a real award I have won in the meantime these little awards make me smile. The reason they make me smile is because in order to write a post like this one another blogger has to nominate you to do it and the fact that I have been nominated means that somewhere out there someone is thinking about me in amongst a huge selection of bloggers and that really cheers me up. Continue reading “10 for 10 Blogger award”

My Sunday Photo – 14/05

This weeks #MySundayPhoto is my favourite picture from my week because it shows my little princess smiling and looking healthy. We had a very rough week with her being very poorly. I never actually realised that tonsillitis could make someone so poorly. We spent most of the nights watching her to make sure she was OK. This is such a perfect photo that shows what an amazing baby she is and how quickly she has bounced back. I think we can safely say having your baby keep turning blue was not on my to-do list this week but I am just very relieved that she is so much better now. Continue reading “My Sunday Photo – 14/05”

My Bucket List – Things I want to do before I turn 40!

I mentioned in an earlier post how life is too short yet we are all wasting it and mentioned how I should probably write a bucket list. So here is my things to do before I turn 40. I’m 35 now so I have 5 years to complete my list. I think 10 is an achievable number and if by some miracle I complete them all then I can always write another ten 😉 Continue reading “My Bucket List – Things I want to do before I turn 40!”

#YouHaveToLaughTag my turn

So its my turn to attempt to be funny, I’m not entirely sure how this will work out as I think I am funny a lot more than other people do. I will however give it a bloody good go. Here is my #youhavetolaughtag

I was tagged by the very funny, very beautiful and slightly insane Lisa from Pass The Prosecco Please apparently she likes me, either that or shes pretending but either way it gave me something fun to do. Continue reading “#YouHaveToLaughTag my turn”

Dear old me – A Letter to the person I once was

Dear Chez

I am future Chez and I thought I would drop you this letter to tell you a few things. I hope you don’t mind but I thought that if you could read it you may see the person you was and will hopefully be able to bring it back into future Chez at some point soon. Continue reading “Dear old me – A Letter to the person I once was”