Mothers Day Lunch – The Hundred House Hotel Norton – Review

The Competition

I was extremely lucky to win a meal for 4 via a competition on Facebook this year . It was for a meal on Mothers Day at a local hotel called The Hundred House Hotel , Norton. As I used to work in taxi offices I had heard a lot about the place but had never actually visited myself. I entered the competition as I thought it would be lovely to take my mum there for a special meal, However there was no way on earth I would be able to afford to treat her.  My mum has had a really rough year well a really rough few years and I really wanted to give her a special day. Especially as we wasn’t even sure if she would make it this far, so I entered the competition and was completely amazed when I won!  Continue reading “Mothers Day Lunch – The Hundred House Hotel Norton – Review”

Mummy & Daughters date night – Beauty and the Beast

As I am sure all mummies of a lot of children are aware sometimes it is difficult to get that special quality time together . I decided it would be good if I spent some one on one time with Annabelle , as the middle child she tends to get less attention than the others . I thought it would be great if we did something together that Annabelle would enjoy.She chose to go to the cinema and watch the new Beauty and the Beast. However she wanted to bring her big sister Ellie along too! It was mummy and daughters date night! Continue reading “Mummy & Daughters date night – Beauty and the Beast”

Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has

I thought I would write about something that is really affecting my life at the moment, losing my hair and the reason I chose to speak about it is because I know there are a lot of ladies who go through this and how damaging it can be to your self esteem. Continue reading “Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has”

92% in a History Exam! 

I promised when I started this blog that I would be sharing the highs and the lows and today is a massive high! I want to celebrate my daughters exam result.

When it comes to the kids education I try my best to make sure that they don’t make the same mistakes I make, and I drill into them that no matter what hurdles they come across if they keep their heads down. it will all be worthwhile and they will be successful in the long run. Continue reading “92% in a History Exam! “

quitting smoking – this could be interesting

So the other day without anyone knowing I contacted the quit smoking clinic and booked myself an appointment, I have several reasons for wanting to quit but the main one being that recently I’ve been so run down and full of the flu and chest infections that I figured something has to give. Continue reading “quitting smoking – this could be interesting”

Life is very short why are we all wasting it?

Today’s blog comes after we received some sad news that my sisters ex-husband passed away after a battle with cancer, I also have another friend who is fighting this horrible disease yet is truly inspirational and has nothing but uplifting posts on Facebook, there is no feeling sorry for himself but that doesn’t surprise me as he has always been quite the character and able to get you out of a grump. Life isn’t always kind. Continue reading “Life is very short why are we all wasting it?”

Teething-My God has she moaned!


Now I would love for all of my blogs to be sweetness and light and how lovely the kids are 24/7. The reality is my kids can be pains in the arses as much as anyone else’s and right now Beth is exactly that. I am putting it down to teething. Continue reading “Teething-My God has she moaned!”

mum’s back from her weekend away!

Well my weekend of madness is over and it’s back to reality for all of us. It was a fantastic weekend and great to become Chez again instead of just mum.

If I had to describe the weekend in 5 words I would say Continue reading “mum’s back from her weekend away!”