Leaving Daddy in charge this weekend!

Dear kids,

I love you incredibly, you are my absolute world however I am leaving this weekend. Now I know you will miss me and I will miss you too but I have to be honest I’m going to be having far too good a time with no nappies to change, homework to check, clothes to wash, tea to cook, bottles to make, boy problem advice and hearing about the latest gadgets to miss you all too much. Continue reading “Leaving Daddy in charge this weekend!”

Bake a cake with a 2 year old – heres how ;)

Its simple to bake with a little un 😉

we all know how hard it is to occupy a busy, intrigued, easily bored  2 year old right? So I thought I know we will bake cakes … here’s step by step how we did it 😉 Continue reading “Bake a cake with a 2 year old – heres how ;)”

A letter to my son Harry as he approaches his teenage years

Dear Harry

I can’t believe in just a couple of months you are going to be a teenager! 13 how on earth did that happen? I’m pretty sure I only gave birth to you last week and I can remember it so clearly it could have been just yesterday.

So anyway I thought as you’re approaching this massive milestone I would write you a little letter with some hints and tips from a mum to her not so little boy. Continue reading “A letter to my son Harry as he approaches his teenage years”

insomnia sucks!

it’s 4:21am and as yet I haven’t been to bed, since I’ve been poorly I’ve really been struggling to sleep, my cough seems to disturb the whole house so it’s easier for me to stay up and get a few hours in the morning luckily I am able to as Gareth gets up with the little ones but I’ve had enough now I would really like to sleep on a nighttime , in fact I would love to be one of those people who can just fall asleep at 10pm and that be them for the night. Continue reading “insomnia sucks!”

My journey to become a Mummy *warning some parts may be upsetting to others*

I wanted to share with you all my journey becoming a mother and how far we’ve come , grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and possibly some tissues , it’s quite a journey. Let me start from the beginning…

When I was younger I used to help my sister with her children, I was always on hand to babysit or help her so it was only natural that one day I would become a mummy myself , in fact I used to tell my mum that I was going to have a baby when I turned 16! I was desperate to be a mummy one day. Continue reading “My journey to become a Mummy *warning some parts may be upsetting to others*”

The terror toddler has a soft side!

You’ve all heard me talk about Freddie and how he’s my tough one. The one that’s decided to test boundaries. Who could make even the toughest of parents a bit if a jibbering mess.  My terror toddler. If he isn’t trying to be an escape artist by darting out of the doors if they are unlocked for a second, he’s usually climbing on something he shouldn’t or throwing a massive toddler tantrum. However today I witnessed a miracle! Continue reading “The terror toddler has a soft side!”

Our Valentines day 2017

We all know that valentine’s day is a day for couples to show their love for one an another and this year I wanted ours to be extra special. Recently myself and Gareth have gone through a few tough times and as a result our wedding kept getting sidetracked and wasn’t happening so I decided I would surprise him with a very special video as one of his valentines gifts from me , you can watch my video HERE 🙂 Continue reading “Our Valentines day 2017”

when you look at the picture you just see ironed uniforms , I see a different story

When you look at the feature picture of this blog post what do you think? it’s just a pile of ironed uniforms ready for the next day of school no big deal right? well to me I see a completely different story let me explain….

Not so long ago there is no way you would have found the kids uniforms washed and ironed and ready on a Friday night instead what you would have found was me early hours of Monday morning say 2-3am frantically trying to get them ready for the next day. Continue reading “when you look at the picture you just see ironed uniforms , I see a different story”

preparing to say goodbye to my ability to become a mother

As soon as I had Beth I knew that my time of pregnancy and labour was at an end. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore the feeling of being pregnant. I mean let’s face it if I didn’t I wouldn’t have 5 kids!  I can’t even complain about labour I’ve had it pretty easy with every single one but I just knew my family was complete , so as the placenta was making its very elegant (OK OK we all know it’s gross) appearance I asked the all important question… can I be sterilised please? Continue reading “preparing to say goodbye to my ability to become a mother”

we have teeth and don’t we know about it!

So baby Beth is number 5 for me and has taught me something I’ve never experienced before TEETHING! yes you read it right I have heard all about teething , spoke to parents ripping their hair out over it but I have NEVER experienced the art of teething myself , until now! Those teeth!  Continue reading “we have teeth and don’t we know about it!”