4 things that you didn’t know about me but may help you to understand who I am

A catch up for those who haven’t read all of my blogs so far , what we know so far is my name is Chez and I live with my fiance Gareth in Telford I’m almost 35 and we have 5 children Harry (12) Ellie-Jayne (11) Annabelle (7) Freddie (2) Elizabeth-Ann ( 5 months), 3 of them are with my ex-husband whom I was married to for 10 years, the younger 2 are mine and Gareths and we have been together for almost 5 years now ( 5 years in June). Continue reading “4 things that you didn’t know about me but may help you to understand who I am”

Gumigem teething gem – my review

As some of you may know lately I have taken to entering competitions and one of the competitions I have recently entered was for a teething bracelet by a company called Gumigem, I was really hoping to win this due to little miss Bethie being almost 5 months old and a complete and utter dribble monster!! To my surprise I actually won!!! you can read about her teething troubles HERE  Continue reading “Gumigem teething gem – my review”

A proud mummy moment

Every now and then we get those moments where we have to revel in a moment of complete and utter proudness and the last few days I have done just that, My eldest daughter is 11 years old, she is the quietest of the bunch and to be quite honest you wouldn’t even realise she was here most of the time. But she hasn’t always been like that, let me start you from the beginning …. Continue reading “A proud mummy moment”

Bad Behaviour and Attempting a new routine- toddler troubles

So I’ve mentioned before about my troublesome whirlwind Freddie who is 2 years old, well a brief outline for anyone who hasn’t read my blog before now, Freddie is 2 years old and the complete apple of his daddies eye. We have 5 children however the older 3 are from my previous 10 year marriage and Freddie and Beth ( the baby of the family) are with my fiance Gareth of almost 5 years. Gareth doesn’t have any other children so Freddie was Gareths first biological child. He adores all 5 children and is an amazing father to all of them. However Freddie is extremely spoilt, Continue reading “Bad Behaviour and Attempting a new routine- toddler troubles”

To send to nursery or not?

I’m not sure whether or not you are aware but the government now has a new scheme where if you fit into a certain criteria you are able to send your child to nursery from the age of 2 for 15 hours per week.

Eligibility for 2-year-olds

Your 2-year-old can get free early education and childcare if you get one of the following: Continue reading “To send to nursery or not?”

The middle child

Now being a mum of 5 children means that obviously we have a middle child, and as with all families of more than 1 or 2 children there is bound to be ‘the middle child’. This child is usually known to be a little bit lost. This is thought to be because the first child is more prone to receive privileges and responsibilities and the younger child in the baby so is usually smothered with attention. Continue reading “The middle child”

Aren’t we all just ‘Bad moms’

I’ve recently watched the film Bad Moms and its a fantastic film and everything is so true!!! …. if you haven’t seen it watch it, you will realise so many things on that film that are just examples of us as parents, mothers and who we are.We are all always too hard on ourselves and everything that we do. Bad Moms is a 2016 American comedy film directed and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore I won’t give away too much of the story line as it will ruin it for anyone who may not have seen it Continue reading “Aren’t we all just ‘Bad moms’”

Just because you stay at home it doesn’t mean you are lazy, not every illness is visible!

So I’m guessing you’ve all seen pics of me pulling funny faces, out with friends on nights out, having a laugh, those who know me personally know that I love getting in fancy dress and going on nights out and I’m even off on a girls weekend away in a March with friends WOOHOOO! You might have even seen me dancing, messing around , Continue reading “Just because you stay at home it doesn’t mean you are lazy, not every illness is visible!”

What happens when mums have a ‘night off’

So you know you’re going out with the girls for the night and lets face it , it has been so long since you went out that you’ve been counting down the days for weeks. Everyone is so excited that they are ready to leave an hour before the table is even booked so the only sensible thing to do is to meet up at someones house (usually mine if I’m there) and have a couple of drinks to start the night off. Continue reading “What happens when mums have a ‘night off’”

Are we too overprotective these days?

Ok so I’m aware we all have different views on when and how our children should be brought up and we certainly don’t all agree with everything each other will do, I definitely don’t think there is a right or a wrong to most things when it comes to parenting but I’m increasingly thinking that I may well be an extremely overprotective parent. Continue reading “Are we too overprotective these days?”