10 Questions with the 5 Miracles – I asked , they answered

I decided to ask the kids some questions so that you guys could have a little insight into their world and what they are like as people. For you to see what their different personalities are like and to see the other side of my blog. So here is what I asked them and what they had to say

1. Who is your best friend? 

Harry : Owen Hinton

Ellie : My Mum

Annabelle : My friend Charlie

Freddie : Jack my cousin

Bethie : Daddy

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Harry : I want to get a PHD in chemistry and work on discover a new element

Ellie : I would like to be an author or an English teacher, or maybe even artist.

Annabelle : I want to be a singer or an engineer.

Freddie : I don’t know. maybe a fireman

Bethie : Alexa

3. What football team do you support? 

Harry : None, I support the team of science

Ellie : Man united – I don’t even know any of the players names I just like the team

Annabelle : Man United

Freddie : Lasagne

Bethie : Lasagne

4. If you could have one super power what would it be? 

Harry : Mind reading / mind control

Ellie : To find out what’s wrong with people so I could make it better

Annabelle : The ability to crawl through technology

Freddie : Superman

Bethie : Nanaman

5. What are the 5 best things about being you?

Harry : I’m intelligent, I’m not modest, I have a supportive family, I have supportive friends and I get to do what I enjoy

Ellie : I have a good family, I get to do things that I enjoy, I have a good education , I have good friends, I’m well-behaved

Annabelle : I have the best family in the world, I have a good singing voice, I have the cutest little brother and sister ever, I have lots of fans on music.ly , I have the best mum that anyone could ever have.

Freddie : Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Goblin, Joker

Bethie : Santa , This, bunny, there, bunny

6. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? 

Harry: Fandangos eye flying across the cage

Ellie: Bethie falling over, Freddie falling onto Bethie and Annabelle falling onto Freddie, luckily none of them got hurt ( can you also add every time I make a pun, because they’re punny)

Annabelle : A gif of Zac Efron dressing up as a lady

Freddie : Annabelles Funny

Bethie : Ellie

7. If you had 3 wishes what would they be? 

Harry : Finding a cure to my mums headaches , to do well in my GCSE’s so I can get to where I want to be, that fandango would never die.

Ellie : For more wishes, to write a best-selling book to get money to buy my family stuff and get a house and car, that food was free

Annabelle : To never lose my family , to cure mums migraines , For Nan to still be alive

Freddie :  I wish for a pair of wings so I could fly, A superman hat, Fireman fire truck

Bethie: Momma , dinner

8.what are your best and worst things about mum and Gareth?

Harry : The best thing, you’re both really supportive when I need you and really caring towards us. The bad thing, you’re both really embarrassing in front of my friends

Ellie : Mum : The best thing about you is that 1, you’re really supportive and 2, we’re really alike so we get on really well you’re my best friend BUT the worst thing is because we’re so alike we always disagree on things too and we’re both stubborn so we end up carrying that thing on for ages.

Gareth : Always there for me when I need you most and better than a real Dad. The worst thing you’re just genuinely really annoying, if I say something wrong you just carry on about it and you’re just really annoying

Annabelle : The best thing about you two is that you’re always there for me no matter what whenever I need you. The worst thing is whenever I ask for you to keep Bethie away when I’m trying to do something you never do.

Freddie : They play with toys with me but they don’t wash the dishes

Bethie : momma and momma

9 Can you name one thing that scares you?

Harry: Failure

Ellie : Daddy long legs they are horrible, they shouldn’t exist

Annabelle : The jump towers at Airea51 , they’re freaky

Freddie : A dragon

Bethie : Dragon

10 What do you do when you’re scared to make it less scary?

Harry : I try to calm myself down, my taking deep breaths

Ellie: I run away, scream and hide for eternity or until someone kills that big scary daddy-long-legs in the corner

Annabelle: I don’t

Freddie: Superhero

Bethie : Momma

So there you go, I asked them and they answered, I’m going to be honest there were 25 questions but by the time I hit 10, Harry was more interested in chatting to his friends, Freddie was riding around on Bethie’s Peppa Pig car, Bethie was throwing her lasagne everywhere and my head was banging so I decided to call it a day. I hope you enjoyed a little inside into my monkeys minds!


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