12 Life Hacks that will enrich the way you live your life

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I am a member of a mothers group on Facebook based in our local area, In fact I created the group and grew it but then passed it onto my friends to continue with as I simply didn’t have the time to put in it anymore. Anyway they were talking the other day about what life hacks they used and I was surprised to see that a lot of them use scissors to cut up pizza! Even now I’m a bit stumped as to how that doesn’t get messy but hey it seems to work for so many I think I must me missing a trick.

From this I decided to ask my favourite bloggers if they had any life hacks that they use and they came up with some crackers, some of which are just pure genius so I thought I would share with you what they had to say.

  1. A few drops of essential oils onto a cotton wool ball put on your radiator will save you a fortune on air fresheners and plug-ins says Jen from Just Average Jen

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  2.  Placing a hook on the back of your high chair creates an excellent place for storing your bibs, this way they are easier to access and saves hunting round for them says Claire from The Happy Weaner.

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  3.  Victoria from Lylia Rose says ” Baby wipes can be used for so much more than just babies bottoms” She has written her own post of 10 alternative uses for baby wipes
  4. Jess from Tantrums To Smiles says “Named storage boxes by the door where kids can dump all their stuff especially once they are at school or nursery etc. It means you always know where book bags, important letters will be. I then replace book bags, PE kits etc in to their own box so they can just grab it in the morning and go without having to hunt for things 1 minute before the school run”
  5.  When doing the food shop I put all the bags in the trolley and shop by “category” frozen/fridge/meat/fruit and veg/ etc. Then you always know you have enough bags, and it’s really easy to pack/unpack on the conveyor belt and once home.  says Zoe from Lycra Widow.
  6.  Kerry from Blissful Domestication says “Clothes pegs when you’re putting on duvet covers. Put duvet into the corners, pop clothes pegs on. It’s as good as having a second pair of hands!”
  7.  Kate from Five Little Stars came up with some brilliant ideas for white vinegar. she uses it to clean the house, Instead of fabric softener and to descale the kettle.
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  8.  Beth from Twinderelmo also agrees with the baby wipes theory and uses them for everything from shoes to the kitchen side.
  9. Straws to de-stalk strawberries, scissors to cut up cooking bacon, pizza cutter for slicing pancakes for kids are the hacks that Claire from Big Family, Big Fun.
  10. If you cut your avocado while in the skin, then you only need to turn it inside out for perfect cubes says Emily from  Confessions Of A Slummy Mummy.

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  11.  Renee from Close Enough to Kiss says “Put your duvet covers on inside out, line the corners yup then peel the sheet to the opposite end. Saves the faffing and climbing inside! Works with pillows too!”
  12.   I use my microwave as a bread bin to make my worktops clutter free says Rebecca from Kizmet Cava.

    So as you can see there are many life hacks to make our lives easier, do you have one? If so leave me a comment so I can try them out 🙂

Thanks for reading and thank you to all of my beautiful bloggers for sharing with us.


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