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The world isn’t a very kind place at the moment, In fact it is extremely scary and sad.  The reason I have decided to do this is because all to often we are quick to notice the bad things that happen in our lives and skip the good things. I am definitely a moaner and someone who sometimes views the world a lot more negative than I do positive.

I was actually inspired with this by a book we were sent to have a read of and review. The book was called Glad to be Dan and in it the mum highlights the focus on the good things that have happened in the childs day which cheers him up when he is feeling very miserable and sad. I enjoyed reading the book, let alone the kids but I won’t give too much away as I will be doing a review on the book with Annabelle very soon. All I would say is I would definitely recommend it and you know what I would also highly recommend it to anyone who has a child that is going through any kind of bullying. Don’t forget I also have a bullying series at the moment #Bullieswontwin.

Introducing 10 good things

The idea is that we each share 10 good things that have happened in our day, it doesn’t have to be anything major just moments during the day that made you smile. I am hoping that by having to sit and think about 10 things that brightened up your day it will show you that not everything is bad and make you feel a little better after a sad or stressful day. Maybe your toddler has tested your patience or you have fallen out with friends or your partner. Maybe you’ve received some bad news? I’m hoping that by doing this it will make you feel a little better about how your day has gone.

 The Rules :

  • Write down an inspiring paragraph for others, to make them see that their day may not have been as bad as they feel it has
  •  Share 10 things that have happened in your day that has made you smile or giggle big or small!
  • Think about what you wrote, smile and enjoy the little things
  • Nominate 5 people to do the same
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their page

10 good things:

  1.  I didn’t wake up until 9:45am , I actually went to bed quite early for me last night and managed to sleep until gone half 9 this morning. I have been struggling with sleeping so this was a great bonus for me. I think I must have needed it.
  2. Harry and Ellie went out with friends with no parents again and had a great time. They kept in touch throughout the day and were back when they said they would be. I know I need to let go of the apron strings and I am taking baby steps but I am very proud of them and how they present themselves. Ellie even made me some earrings whilst she was out.  Here is the post from last time they went out on their own and how I felt.
  3. My mum and dad visited and my mum handed me a rose that she had picked from her garden especially for me.  It was beautiful and a very pleasant surprise.
  4. Bethie learnt to sit up from lying down. She has been able to sit up unaided for ages but once she had gotten onto the floor she couldn’t get back into sitting position. Now she can! She’s learning new things every single day.
  5. Annabelle went to her auntie’s house for a few hours where she played nicely and had some tea. This is a positive because generally Annabelle really doesn’t do very much. She is very much a home girl and given the chance she would sit on YouTube all day and not do much else.
  6. Freddie was very well-behaved today. We are going through a bit of a battle of wills with him at the moment and he has just discovered what it is like to play in the garden meaning that when it’s time to come in we become the worst parents in the world. Today we had very minimal kick offs and he was generally very good.
  7. Gareth surprised me with a new dressing gown and a bath bomb gift set from Lush. Our 5 year anniversary of being together is on Saturday so he had originally bought them for Saturday but gave them to me early.
  8. I had a nice long soak in the bath with music on and read a magazine. Now this may not be a big deal to most of you but you need to remember that I am a mum of 5 children which means time alone is very rare. It’s usually a case of grabbing a quick shower.
  9. This seems a really silly one but Gareth and I made a coffee together, but the reason it was a positive is because recently we have lost our way as a couple and it genuinely made me smile, we held hands and used one hand each to make the coffee which meant we had to work together as a team to get it done. It was funny and made me giggle but team work made it come together and we successfully ended up with coffee!
  10.  My final positive for today is I recorded a song today, I used to sing all the time and my confidence took a big knock, life happened and I stopped singing. Today I decided to have a go and see if I could still do it and whilst it’s not perfect in any way , shape or form I really enjoyed being the old me, for those few moments 🙂

    My nominees

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