Handy hints and tips to get you through motherhood!

I’m often asked by other mothers what I would do in their situations so I figured it was time I shared my words of wisdom in the land that is motherhood.
Before I go any further you need to understand that I am by no means a professional , I have no qualifications all I have is experience of times when my own kids have made me feel like reaching for the wine glass or removing my own hair!  Continue reading “Handy hints and tips to get you through motherhood!”

Zac – Bringing A community together

Today I wanted to tell you all about an incredible young boy called Zac and how my local town has all come together because of this amazing little boy. Continue reading “Zac – Bringing A community together”

Being a child in the 80’s vs being a child today

I was sat the other day thinking about how different it is being a child in the 80’s compared to being a child today and it’s actually quite a difference 
Continue reading “Being a child in the 80’s vs being a child today”

Molly Brown London – Review

Molly Brown London is the UK’s leading jewellery brand for children and I was extremely lucky to be asked if I would like to try out one of their items for my daughter. Continue reading “Molly Brown London – Review”

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Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

My older 2 are now 14 and 13 which means it’s come to that time where we talk about the birds and the bees, the rumpy pumpy, doing the deed. SEX! Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby”

XY London beautiful shoes- Review

I was recently approached by the lovely team at XY London and asked if I would like to review a pair of their shoes. Due to problems with my feet I really struggle to find nice shoes that are comfortable and that look nice so I jumped at the chance to try these out. Continue reading “XY London beautiful shoes- Review”

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Big School, Big Attitude

In September Freddie started big school, by big school I mean reception. In this very short space of time he has transformed from someone who occasionally had a little bit of a gob on him into a little boy with a very big attitude!

Continue reading “Big School, Big Attitude”

Freddie was abducted by Aliens!

Today started the same as any other, we all got up and made our way downstairs for breakfast. Gareth arrived to help with the school runs and we had a little chat. This was when Freddie dropped the bombshell that he had met some Aliens! Continue reading “Freddie was abducted by Aliens!”

Prestige Flowers Delivered to your door – Review

I was lucky enough recently to be asked if I would like to work with the lovely Prestige Flowers of course I am going to say yes. Especially if it means I get treated to something nice. Who doesn’t love to receive flowers? Continue reading “Prestige Flowers Delivered to your door – Review”

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My baby started nursery!

If you think back to a while ago I had a dilemma over whether or not to send Freddie to nursery and eventually gave in and let him go. With Bethie I felt I had no choice but to let her go as she was becoming extremely clingy and seemed petrified of anyone new or being separated from me in any way. Once things have settled I plan on returning to work which means that she will need to get used to being around other people and to be away from me. Continue reading “My baby started nursery!”