#Childseyeview – Linky

This week I am linking up with the beautiful Kerry from One Hull of a mum with her new linky called #childseyeview. The idea is that the kids take over our phones or cameras for the day then select their favourite picture. I love the fact that the kids get to take over in this.

This week we gave Freddie (2) Gareth’s phone and let him loose and he took some picture, this picture is of Bethie’s big bear that Freddie took all by himself. The big bear has become a member of the family since Bethie was very poorly not long ago and it was bought for her by a friend of ours called Tracy who also bought me a gift too as she knew how tough it all was. Which was lovely of her. .  Well done Freddie!

Isn’t it crazy looking at the world through their eyes,  some of the other pictures were fantastic too. It didn’t matter if they were blurred or not quite right because he had taken them all by himself like a big boy !


Fathers Day

If you’re in the UK you will be aware that today is Fathers Day, it’s a chance for us to celebrate all of the daddies out there and show them that we appreciate them. I wrote a post not too long ago about how dads need more appreciation so today really is just a day for exactly that.

So Firstly I would like to say a special Happy Fathers Day to the most incredible Dad in the world. And despite Gareth being an awesome Dad I don’t mean him. I mean my Daddy. I genuinely got very lucky the day he chose to be part of my life. I am without a shadow of a doubt the biggest Daddies Girl in the world. I don’t get Daddies credit card or anything like that ( Although I’m pretty sure if he was able to he would give it to me)

But he is ALWAYS there for me when I need him, no matter what time it is early morning or late at night I know my Dad is just a call away. The amount of times that he has got me out of pickles , or saved me is incredible. He still fusses now even though I’m 35. Take today for example, he asked me if I was wearing Sun cream and telling me to drink plenty of water. It’s the little things like this that make me know that he is there unconditionally.

The second person is my other half and Daddy to my babies. Gareth. Gareth walked into our lives 5 years ago and didn’t even want children. Today he is the Daddy to not one, not two but 5 yes 5 children. 3 of which he has taken on as his own and would do anything for. I have no shame in saying that every single one of those children come before me and are top of his priority list. Their happiness is his main aim and if they’re happy then so is he.

It’s crazy to think that when we met Annabelle was only the age Freddie is now and he has watched her grow into the beautiful little girl she is now. He has watched Harry and Ellie grow from children to preteens and teens and now is watching his own babies grow. It has all gone so fast but one thing I do know is that I couldn’t have chosen anybody better to be there for my children, to guide them and support them. To help to teach them right from wrong. We all adore him and the special bond he has with each of the children is unique to them and it’s lovely to watch those bonds grow.


Apley Arms – Toby Carvery – Breakfast – Restaurant review

Today whilst doing some shopping Gareth and I decided to grab some breakfast. As it was 10:30 we called ahead to check if it was still OK to go and get breakfast, to which we were told it was fine as they were serving until 11Am.  Continue reading “Apley Arms – Toby Carvery – Breakfast – Restaurant review”

#MyWeeklyHug week 2

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Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, my favourite hug last week came from Lily Madeline  – I think the picture just shows happiness and you tell they were having a great time.  If you missed any of last weeks they are right here.

This weeks #MyWeeklyHug comes not from me but its my eldest and youngest children. I absolutely love how close all of my kids are and I think this shows in my picture. You can just see how much they adore each other.

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#Bullieswontwin -Victoria’s Story

Last week we heard how Rebecca from Mummy Est 2014 was affected by bullying in her story. This week we have the incredibly beautiful and amazing Victoria from Lylia Rose telling us about what happened to her.. Continue reading “#Bullieswontwin -Victoria’s Story”

Things you never thought you would hear yourself say – Until you became a parent.

Before I became a parent there were many things I wouldn’t dream of saying, things such as ‘Please stop drinking out of your brothers potty’ or ‘Don’t scratch your bum then sniff your finger’ Today another little gem occurred when Gareth said ‘ Freddie please stop drinking off the table’ After Freddie has spilt his drink all over the table then proceeded to lick it off like a cat!  So I took to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them. “What are the things you never thought you would hear yourself say? ” Continue reading “Things you never thought you would hear yourself say – Until you became a parent.”

Self-Harm the new trend in Secondary School

We’ve all been to secondary school and we are all aware of the stupid trends that go round. The latest craze. Well in my children’s school that trend is something not so great.  You see the latest craze is to hurt yourself! To self-harm. ( we have reported it to the school) The kids have reported to me that several of their friends have been cutting themselves. I have even seen snap chat pictures where some of the children have used pen or make up to make it look like they have cut themselves. This is causing me quite a lot of upset. Continue reading “Self-Harm the new trend in Secondary School”

My Top Ten Cheap meals for a large family

Like every family we have our good weeks and our bad weeks. I have recently , moved over from a mum that used to live on ready-made sauces chucked with a bit of chicken to a mum that now home cooks almost every day. I discovered whilst looking at different diets that I actually much preferred home-cooked meals. Not only did I enjoy the actual cooking but I also like the flavour. They taste so much better!  Continue reading “My Top Ten Cheap meals for a large family”

Miscarriage – I will never forget

This time of year is always a difficult time for me as the 10th June is the anniversary of one of my miscarriages and possibly one of the most difficult and scary days of my life. Continue reading “Miscarriage – I will never forget”

#MyWeeklyHug Linky 06/06/2016

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My hug this week actually came this morning. Gareth had gone to take Freddie and Annabelle to school and nursery and I was in the living room with a very grumpy Bethie. I picked her up and within 2 minutes she was fast asleep snoring in my arms. Continue reading “#MyWeeklyHug Linky 06/06/2016”