#Blogmas is here!!! 1st December 2017 – So it begins!

Today is the 1st of December which is incredibly exciting for so many reasons. The first being that it means we are one step closer to my favourite day of the entire year CHRISTMAS!!! Also it means that we get to do our very first #Blogmas! Now I had never even heard of  this until recently and I am super excited to be getting involved in it. Continue reading “#Blogmas is here!!! 1st December 2017 – So it begins!”

Trying to find my old holiday park friends – Can you help?

We all have people who come in and out of our lives and leave a million memories that we forever hold.  I have spent a long time recently thinking about the old me, the people who made an impression on my life whilst I worked in holiday parks , the people I became close to and where they are now and what they are up to. With this in mind I decided to use the art of Social media in an attempt to find them and so far the response has been fantastic, However I am still no closer really to finding the people I am looking for. Continue reading “Trying to find my old holiday park friends – Can you help?”

Becoming a single Mum to 5 children is scary!!

If you follow me on Facebook then you will know that Gareth and I have decided to part ways. Whilst we care very much about each other it simply isn’t working and the passing of my mother has just reinforced how unhappy we both were and mutually we have decided to split but still raise the children together. So I am now faced with the scary fact that I am now a single mum of 5 children! Continue reading “Becoming a single Mum to 5 children is scary!!”

Butlins – Back to the 2000’s – Adult Weekend – Skegness – November 2017

A couple of weeks ago I went away on a weekend break with some friends to Butlins in Skegness. I have been several times to their weekends away and if like me you love to socialise, relax and just let your hair down then these breaks are perfect. They always have live acts from whichever decade it is that you’re at be it 70’s,80’s ,90’s or in this instance it was 2000’s.

Continue reading “Butlins – Back to the 2000’s – Adult Weekend – Skegness – November 2017”

Feeling more positive today – at last!

You may have read my last blog post where I explained how I was feeling 100% alone and really struggling with life. I was in a pretty bad place and was struggling to find myself again. Today I have woken up in a far more positive mood and it feels great! Continue reading “Feeling more positive today – at last!”

Have you ever felt completely 100% alone

When I started my blog I swore to myself that I would be completely honest. If people wanted to read it then that would be up to them and if they didn’t? Well it would give me somewhere as an outlet to vent how I feel and get things off my chest. I actually started my blog at a time when I felt alone and I felt like people weren’t interested and those who did show an interest about what I wrote on my personal Facebook were taking offence to everything I wrote. ( Although there is that saying, If the cap fits.. ) Real life isn’t just a case of family days out and board games.  Real life sucks, it doesn’t just a little bit suck it mahoosively sucks and I am really struggling with it right now. Continue reading “Have you ever felt completely 100% alone”

Ravensburger – Bugs In The Kitchen – Game Review

Christmas is fast approaching and as part of our run up to Christmas we are going to be sharing with you some gift guides. As part of this we are sent quite a lot of games to try out. The latest game we were sent was called Bugs In The Kitchen by Ravensburger.  We actually vlogged our entire experience for you too see exactly how the game works. Continue reading “Ravensburger – Bugs In The Kitchen – Game Review”

Gift Shopping Habits in the UK with What 2 buy 4 kids

Shopping…it’s an activity that most of us in the UK have in common. It’s one of our greatest pastimes and sometimes it feels like a sport! Are you a list-maker, a planner or an impulsive buyer and a whim purchaser? Have you got your Christmas shopping finished by the end of August or are you running out on Christmas Eve, trying to beat the crowds?

Do you ever think about our nation’s spending habits and wonder what we’re buying and when we’re buying it?

The team at what2buy4kids is just as curious as you are – that’s why we’ve broken down the UK’s gift shopping habits and uncovered some interesting facts about our national shopping trends.

Christmas Shopping Trends

Unsurprisingly, we spend the largest portion of our shopping money at Christmastime. Brits on average spend £645 on Christmas, from buying gifts to spending on food, drink, parties and socialising. Shoppers buy an average of 14 individual gifts with about £145 spent on our children.

According to our research, some of us are Christmas shopping all throughout the year and 5% of people have already finished their Christmas shopping in January. 53% of shoppers start shopping in November and 22% start in October.

UK parents spend more on kids than the rest of the world

The survey shows that on average, in Britain we spend $438 (£330 approx) on gifts per child, compared to $371 (£280 approx) spent in the US and $358 (£270 approx) spent in France. Considering that we are buying gifts for not only birthdays and Christmas but also for births, graduations, school achievements, and Christenings, it is easy to see how that figure soon ads up.

Shopping from gift registries is also on the rise, with more new parents making baby registries and even some birthday celebrations having a gift list. Most of us buy a gift off a registry list a week before the event, leaving it to the recipient to select what they want and letting the shopper make the transaction just before the event, rather than looking around for what they would want weeks ahead of time.

TGI Fridays – Telford – Review

With Telford having a revamp and new restaurants being placed throughout Southwater there is one that caught our eye and that we were excited about, this of course was TGI Fridays! Continue reading “TGI Fridays – Telford – Review”

That moment when you reach the point of ” Sort your life out “

I’m pretty sure I am not the only person who has had the moment where they have sat there and thought about how much of their life they have wasted. Whether it is getting into a rut, being in a job that you really don’t like or just stretching yourself to your full potential. Recently it has been at the very forefront of my mind. Since my mum passed on 22nd September I have struggled to deal with the facts of my own life from how much longer I have left to what I’ve done with the time I’ve had. It has been like a continuous loop going round and round. Continue reading “That moment when you reach the point of ” Sort your life out “”